Courses Offered


Personal Training
Private or personal training sessions can be arranged for people who are serious about training to improve their fitness levels.

Classes  -     
We have our regular classes and the classes are open to all age groups. We welcome you to join our family of Jukaado and train with us regularly.

Corporates  -     
We have tailor made workshops and training programs on Self - Defense for the employees of Corporate houses, M.N.C's and so on.

Security  -       
We conduct specialized training programs in Unarmed Combat and security protocol for security personnel of Hotels, Security Agencies and Defense Personnel. Valid registration and other details will be checked before imparting training to private security agencies.

Worldwide  -           
We also conduct specialized training programs for people from other countries who would like to come and train in Jukaado with us. The training programs can be arranged on a one to one basis. Ranging from one month to a year long training  program.
We are also open to invitations for coming to your country and impart training in Jukaado.