Sunday, August 21, 2016

Hojo Undo

Hojo Undo or Supplementary exercises are a very important aspect of Okinawan Martial Arts. These exercises are aimed at strengthening the body.

There are numerous Hojo Undo exercises and variations. We have shown just a few in the video above. 

Hojo Undo exercises make the body tough and ready to sustain impacts as well as be ready to rough it out physically in a fight. They build a strong musculature as well as improve bone density. It improves the strength of the joints as well as makes the ligaments and tendons strong and resistant to impacts or injuries.

At Jukaado we give lots of importance on training that makes the students physically tough and strong as well as ready for any full contact impact that they may face if they need to defend themselves on the road. 

Do not try any of the exercises without proper supervision and guidance of someone who knows about these training routines. 

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