Monday, December 30, 2013

Jukaado Winter Camp - 2013 - 1st Training Session.

The Jukaado camp is a true test of body, mind and spirit. You get tested not only on your ability to train but to manage and live with any conditions you are put in to. It is training to prepare one to survive and adapt to all that is around them. 

All the students trained very well especially when you consider that it was the first camp for most of them and quite a few are still nursing or recovering from some injury or the other. None of them ever gave up and kept pushing themselves to train. Even when they were woken up at 2am after a whole day of training they were all smiling and eager to train. This is Jukaado!!!!

All the students are of varying fitness levels yet they all are constantly improving and getting better at their training. You do not need to be fit to train at Jukaado. What you need is a desire to train and a willingness to push yourself. The rest is our job, we will slowly but surely make you achieve a very high level of fitness. 

It does not matter what you can do, what matters is are you ready to do something you believe you can not do - Farzaan Merchant. 

Are you ready to be a warrior?????? Are you ready to push yourself??????? 

                       Then Jukaado is where you should be!!!!!!