Saturday, October 12, 2013

Martial arts training can not exist without Discipline, Mutual Respect and Proper Decorum.

At Jukaado we maintain the age old traditions of mutual respect, discipline and decorum. We have over the years asked many students to leave immediately from our dojo and have barred them from ever coming to train with us again if they have been found breaking the basic three requirements to train in any martial art. A person who does not have control over these three principles is not fit to be trained in martial arts. We give new comers some time to settle down and understand how a class is conducted and what is expected from them. We even give them a few warnings if we feel they are here to just cause trouble rather than train but if these warnings fall on deaf ears we stop them from training at Jukaado. Training such people could be harmful for society as there is a very good chance they will misuse the knowledge that they gain.

Martial arts may it be from any country requires these three basic principles or characteristics to be followed. In the olden days if a student had been removed for breaking these principles no other school would admit them to train too. However that seems like a fairy tale today.

An instructor is like a guide who leads you through the path that will polish your skill and improve your fitness levels. We must respect our instructors and listen to them. No instructor wishes to harm their students and has only their well being in mind. 

In the days I had started my training in martial arts we would think a million times before saying anything to our instructors not out of fear but out of respect. Yes we could ask a doubt a 100 times without any fear but dare we talk or misbehave during training and rest assured a punishment would come our way. Sadly the human race as such especially most of the younger generation finds qualities like respect, discipline and decorum a waste of time unless it can get them some materialistic gains.

Students take instructors for granted at times. They will not inform if they are not attending class on a specific day or if they have decided to discontinue class but if the instructor does the same by cancelling a class without informing the students they get enraged. Well in life respect has to be given first only then can you get it back. 

According to me these are the true teachings of any martial art which a student will learn only if the truly dedicate themselves to training for a prolonged period of time -

If a person is not disciplined in his behavior he will never ever understand the true meaning of martial arts. 

We do not train to learn to fight, we learn to fight to train our body, mind and soul.

If a person does not learn to give respect he will never understand the purpose of martial arts.

We do not improve our skill to fight on the streets at a drop of a pin, we improve our skill so that no matter how disrespectful a person or an attacker is on the street we use our knowledge to only defend ourselves or others and not to cause excessive harm or injury to the attacker. 

If a person can not maintain decorum he will never understand the reason of training in martial arts.

We do not train to get fit or tough, we train to change our lives to reform and mold in to the best we can physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually become. 

If you really wish to train in martial arts then that is the best decision you have made in your life. Ask any person who has trained under a genuine martial artist to look back to the person they were when they began training and the person they are today, there is bound to be loads of difference physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually too.  

However if your aim is to just learn to beat up people or attend because it is a cool thing to do or because your friends go there and you wish to talk with them or it is your way of getting friendly with students of the opposite gender then we suggest Jukaado is not the place for you for we will welcome you with open arms but we will also bar you from training if you are here only for the above reasons and not to train.

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