Sunday, August 25, 2013

Are you ready for the Jukaado Challenge??? - Airtel Hyderabad Marathon 2013

The above picture and this post is truly living testimony of the undying human spirit in all of us. We all just need to push ourselves to cross the boundaries we falsely believe to exist. 

Yesterday the 25th August 2013 we saw men and women from Jukaado between the age group of 17 - 48+ run and complete their first half marathon ever. Most of them had all sorts of injuries even before they came to Jukaado and yet am sure today all of them are itching to sign up for their next marathon.

At Jukaado we train to achieve the highest levels of fitness. Though we train in Unarmed Combat martial arts we do not restrict our training and go out and do everything that can be done. It is our way of achieving wholistic fitness.

 Today we can stand straight and proudly say there is nothing a Jukaadoka can not do.

 Are you ready to take this spell bounding trip to better your health???

Through all this there is one team member of our Jukaado family we would like to specially mention about. He is Mr. Bharatram a magnificent human being and our Physiotherapist. Over the last 2 years of our association with him there is not one student who has gone to him who has not come bouncing back ready to train like they have been rejuvenated. Most of the team members below have already made a few visits to him and the results are evidently visible. Thank you very much Sir for being part of the Jukaado family and guiding and rehabilitating us when we are in need of your prompt and accurate treatment.

We are truly pleased seeing all of them accomplish this amazing task. I will now take you through each of the team members and why their achievement is worth applauding without mentioning anyone's name directly.

To begin with I would like to start with one of Jukaado's most senior students in age and belt / dan.  He joined us way back in 2005 and was not so fit when he did. Over the years he has grown and has got fit like no other person you would come across especially since he is in his late 40's. Even though he has tremendous traveling to do at work he is super disciplined and very conscious about his training routine. A wonderful human being always ready to guide and help all that come to Jukaado. 

Next we move on to a young boy who is just 17 years old and has completed his second half marathon yesterday. He began his journey with us in the year 2006 when he was a small kid and today the kid has grown up to be rock of a man. We call him the punching bag of our class as his body has grown immune to pain. He has been busy over the last year with his academics and hence has not been able to train regularly and yet his will power and spirit is worth appreciating for without any practice he managed to run the half marathon. 

Then we have our Sensei of Japanese language whom we meet in 2010. A wonderful and passionate teacher of the language. He was planning on trying the relay and was not sure of being able to run the half marathon. This was just 45 days prior to the marathon. However after some discussion he was ready to train with us and give it a shot. Running was already imbibed into him he just needed the push and that is what this marathon provided. Yesterday we received a very nice message from him about his experience over the 4 weeks of training for the marathon and how much he now loves to run. Keep it up Sensei!!!

Then we have a lady who is an adventure junkie. A lady who loves to trek for hours and hours among nature. When she came to us about 8 months back she needed to work on her fitness and core strength. We remember telling her that she will run the next marathon much before even the dates for the Airtel Marathon were declared. She had said many professional runners had tried to inspire her to run but all failed and she would never run a marathon. Over the 8 months with constant and regular training her fitness levels improved and so did her confidence. Yesterday she has crossed a boundary which she had always believed was impossible to even dream of. 

Then we have a lady whose 2 sons have been training with us since the last 8 years. Yesterday this mother of 2 boys ran the marathon along with her younger son who is 17 years old. Am sure she never thought this would ever happen. She came to us about 6 months back just to improve her fitness level which was in a very bad state at the time. She deserves a big applause for even though initially she would have lots of body aches but she never ever gave up. Yesterday am sure she felt like she had achieved something that was not even visible on the horizon.

Next is a lady who came to us with a very weak core and an injured cartilage of the knee. She was actually petrified in the beginning if the training would harm her or if she could do any of this. But she had heart and did not give up. She slowly progressed from where she was and has really grown a lot. Incidentally her knee pain got aggravated 2 weeks before the marathon. Her will power is rock solid she took rest for the 2 weeks and completed the half marathon yesterday. We were informed that she was very exhausted after the marathon but her big smile in the pictures is evident that she was delighted at her achievement.  

We have 2 more team members of Jukaado both young girls in their 20's. Both of them came to us about 4 months back. They both were not very fit and one of them even has quite a few old injuries which kept resurfacing during her training. However both of them showed grit and perseverance and did not give up. An achievement we are sure they will cherish forever.

This is Jukaado!!!!!

We do not train all at a prefixed level but start with where ever the student is comfortable with and slowly but surely bring them to a very high fitness level.  

All that is needed is that you have heart and spend a few days at Jukaado the rest is our duty.

So are you ready to be a Jukaadoka??

  Are you ready to cross boundaries???

     Are you ready to achieve the unimaginable????

       Are you ready to accept the  JUKAADO CHALLENGE?????

               If Yes then we are waiting for you to step in!!!!!!!!!!!