Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Tyre Workout - Jukaado Camp May 2013

If you wish to be a warrior you need to train like one. 

This is always on our minds while we train or plan a training session. Training at Jukaado is multi dimensional as in we do everything that is done and there are also quite a few things we do which scares people of our training. Things like a nonstop 24 hour training or standing in front of a line of men and women who are going to punch and kick you with full power or using an iron hammer to condition the fingers and other bones of the body etc seem too crazy for most people to understand. However the results that the students training in Jukaado get are far beyond any workout out there. They do not only get fit and toned but also get super strong physically and mentally, immune to ailments, improved concentration and confidence levels, super human like endurance and pain threshold and lots more. 

The above video is of a tyre workout session at our last camp. Most of the tyres are radials of a safari or scorpio ( SUV ) so they are pretty heavy and good for workout. The younger students are given tyres which are much smaller though. It is always nice to see students push themselves to train like this. It shows their desire to improve and passion to train. 

We look forward to Jukaado starting its first dojo in another country. Discussions are on with regards to Jukaado's International debut. We have also received inquiries from people from other countries to come down and train in Jukaado with us. We are glad to receive such requests from people far away and welcome them to come and  train with us.  

                                              Happy Training!!!!!!!!!!!


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