Sunday, June 16, 2013

Students practicing Ground Work Combinations at Class.

Do not try these techniques on your own at home or any where else. Always train under the supervision of a trained and experienced instructor. The students in the video are training regularly and are under the watchful eye of an instructor.

This is not a preplanned video. At Jukaado we believe in showcasing realistic training videos. The students were practicing some ground work combinations which they were shown on this specific day. The video is about the students practicing and learning the combinations. It is not a tutorial of any technique or combination. 

It is preferable to be on your feet in a street fight but however you could end up on the floor too. Hence we train for both situations. The students are simulating going down from a standing position during a fight and even countering an arm bar with a triangle choke. As always all the students trained well. It is nice to have a bunch of students who really wish to train and give their best in class.

                                                 Happy Training!!!  

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