Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Students Practicing Escaping / Countering from Restraining Holds / Chokes.

Do not try this at home or anywhere on your own. The students in the video have been training regularly and are under supervision of an instructor. Training without proper guidance from a qualified instructor can result in injuring yourself as well as your partner. 

In the above video students are practicing techniques of escaping / countering from restrictive holds / chokes which they were taught just a few minutes back. Learning is continuous process and we are sure the students will keep practicing and improve further. If you observe the faces of those being choked you will see how realistic the training is at Jukaado as all are experiencing a real choke to the neck and are escaping from it.  Unarmed Combat training differs from sports martial arts mainly in the aspect that unarmed combat training is training for a realistic situation on the road while as sports martial art training revolves around competition.

We do not support or endorse any form of violence. We train in martial arts with the main aim of improving our health and fitness. We respect the law and recommend that God forbid one has to defend oneself on the road one should make sure the attacker is handed over to the authorities for proper legal action against such people.

                                                   Happy Training!!!!!!!!! 

Saturday, June 22, 2013

A Class at Jukaado

A class at Jukaado always starts with a good warm up and stretching exercises. We have only shot bits of our full training routine during one of our classes. Every class the training varies and so does the intensity too. Some classes may be very cardio intensive the others may be technical, some may be conditioning and bag work based other classes may be sparring or realistic self defense training. This is just a video of one of our regular classes. No editing has been done to present the video in its original form. 

Do not try any of the training routines on your own. Always train under supervision of a well trained and experienced instructor. 

                                                         Happy Training!!!!!!!!

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Students practicing Ground Work Combinations at Class.

Do not try these techniques on your own at home or any where else. Always train under the supervision of a trained and experienced instructor. The students in the video are training regularly and are under the watchful eye of an instructor.

This is not a preplanned video. At Jukaado we believe in showcasing realistic training videos. The students were practicing some ground work combinations which they were shown on this specific day. The video is about the students practicing and learning the combinations. It is not a tutorial of any technique or combination. 

It is preferable to be on your feet in a street fight but however you could end up on the floor too. Hence we train for both situations. The students are simulating going down from a standing position during a fight and even countering an arm bar with a triangle choke. As always all the students trained well. It is nice to have a bunch of students who really wish to train and give their best in class.

                                                 Happy Training!!!  

Monday, June 3, 2013

Jukaado Camp May 2013 - Bag work

The above video is about the 3rd session of the day at our camp. So students have already trained for 4 -5 hours before this session of bag work.

Some of the new students were trying their hand at bag work for the first time. All trained well. The session started with some warm up followed by 30 minutes of shadow boxing and then we started bag work. 

It was an extra workout for Prateek and Shiv as they were helping others do the bag work. Both of them were holding the bags and making others do bag work for over 45 minutes or so before they could put on the gloves for bag work.