Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Jukaado goes International!!!!! - The Jukaado Story.

We are very happy with the response we have been receiving from martial artists world wide with regards to our training. It is this positive feedback from all of them that has given us the confidence to take this step of spreading Jukaado as a martial art Internationally. There have been a few martial artists particularly, who we have never met in person but they have really been there to support and promote Jukaado in as many ways as they can. We would not like to mention their names without their consent however we are sure when they read this they will know that we are very grateful for their kind words and support. 

We are in conversation with people who would like to start Jukaado in their country. If things workout Jukaado will be taught in another country besides India within a few months. We are ready and open to talks with anyone who would like to start Jukaado in their country. At the moment we are looking at these few countries to begin with - Thailand, Australia, UK, France, Canada. However if you do wish to start Jukaado in your country do get in touch with us.

                            THE JUKAADO STORY - 

It has been a long journey for Jukaado and since we are spreading it Internationally we would like to share the story of how Jukaado came about and has reached here.

Jukaado is formed by Sensei Farzaan Merchant a martial artist with 29 years of training background. Sensei Farzaan Merchant has been training in numerous martial arts from a very young age. However it was in 2005 when he got involved with providing high profile security of body guards and bouncers to V.I.P.'s and Celebrities that the need for forming a more efficient system of combat to be more efficient in protecting the V.I.P. was felt. It is this practical need in the actual field that brought about the formation of Jukaado  as an efficient Unarmed Combat System. Jukaado was basically formed combining Judo, karate, aikido and over the years techniques from various arts like Muay Thai, Jeet Kun Do, Kung - Fu etc have been added to make it more efficient. Jukaado's techniques / combinations are designed with the aim to immobilize an attacker in just 3 moves including the block.  However certain changes have been made from their original forms to enhance practicality for eg- In Judo throws are executed by holding the sleeve of the uniform between the palm and elbow, however in Jukaado we throw catching the wrist itself for on the road an assailant may not be wearing a full sleeve shirt and moreover in a real fight pulling at a sleeve of a shirt could result in it tearing and hence foiling the throw. Being aimed at Unarmed Combat, training in Jukaado is full contact and very intense which in the beginning did have a lot of students leave within just 2 weeks of training. Over a period of years the word of our intense training spread within the city of Hyderabad and slowly people who really wished to train in martial arts did start finding their way to our class. In the year 2010 a senior student of Jukaado - Sravan felt that Jukaado needs to be heard and seen by people world wide. It was his vision and stubborn attitude that has brought Jukaado to the world today. Sensei  Farzaan Merchant was reluctant of having an online presence in the form of a website or a you tube channel but our senior student Sravan one day opened a blog and handed it over. Sensei Farzaan Merchant started with the blog reluctantly posting articles and uploading videos on the you tube channel too. Soon we had our own domain again thanks to Sravan. We started regularly uploading videos and articles online and slowly the world began to notice Jukaado. Over the years we have received mails and messages from people from numerous countries world wide. We have also made good friendly bonds with some outstanding martial artists worldwide. In just 3 years of being online we have put up about 150 articles on various aspects of martial art training and articles on fitness and health related issues too along with about 75 real training videos covering numerous aspects and facets of training.We have had the privilege of contributing to articles for numerous newspapers and magazines, done TV shows on martial arts, been interviewed on different radio channels a couple of times. At Jukaado we do not sell belts in fact we are not too fond of even issuing belts. Our aim is to train and only if a student deserves to be promoted he / she is promoted to the belt they deserve. On the road God forbid if one is attacked no one is going to bother which belt you are what will matter is how much sweat and training have you invested to learn to protect yourself. Our gradation system is intense and very severe. Just a month back we had a shodan (black belt) and Nidan (Black belt Dan 2 )  gradation which was 24 hours nonstop. It is amazing to see students able to complete such grueling, strenuous and intense gradation with ease. This is what Jukaado is about.


                                           THIS IS  JUKAADO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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