Thursday, May 2, 2013

24 Hour's Nonstop Training

The students had already trained for about 20 - 22 hours on the 1st and 2nd day in total and then after just a few hours of rest and an early dinner they were ready to take on the 24 hours training challenge. It should be known that neither of us had prepared for training so long nor did we ever try it before. Last camp we did 12 hours nonstop training so this camp we planned taking on the 24 hours challenge. May be next camp it will be 36 hours.

All the students have trained exceptionally well and it is truly a blessing to have all of them training at Jukaado. 

We started the challenge with immersing our full bodies in cold ice water. We used 200 kgs of ice and after sitting in the ice water for 10 minutes we would come out and do the kata Sanchin then go in the ice water again. Then followed a troublesome 4.5 hour trek with logs of wood on the shoulders and lots of burpees and leg raises in intervals. 

We did a lot of different exercises but it was not possible to shoot everything so for the video we have just shot a bit of the different aspects of training that we did through out the 24 hour training. 

The best part is that the students were given sealed water bottles and a nutrition bar to carry for the trek but were not allowed to drink the water or eat the nutrition bar for the 1st 10 hours of the workout. They were tested physically and mentally and they completed all the challenges with a smile.


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