Thursday, April 18, 2013

Jukaado Burpees Crawl

What is Jukaado Burpees Crawl?

We hope to create awareness about health and fitness among the general public. With that being our intention we go to public places and do Burpees. When passers by see people exercising in places where no one usually would like a mall, near a shop etc they stop to see what is happening, some come and inquire and that is when we try to talk to them about health and fitness as well as the importance of exercising. 

We have started the Jukaado Burpees Crawl since last few weeks and hope to move to different parts of the city with the view to create awareness. Moreover it is a fun workout doing Burpees at public places. To make it more fun we have started the crawl at a fresh sugar cane juice shop. We come to the shop 3 times a week after a good 1.5 hours of training at class. After doing 10 Burpees we have a glass of sugarcane juice and start the next set.

Today we were 16 of us and we did 5 sets that is 50 Burpees. Since we have been coming to the same place for last 3 - 4 times the people in the area are now aware of the action that shall follow once we arrive. Am sure slowly their inhibitions will wash away and they too will join us in doing Burpees. 

We hope to spread the Jukaado Burpees Crawl not only in our city or our country but all over the world. After all there is nothing more valuable than health and nothing can be better than motivating people to live healthy and get fit.

We at Jukaado are committed to promoting general health and fitness. Our training may seem intense or even insane to some but we have a systematic training program which can take a very unfit person and transform them in to a healthy, fit and tough person without harming their body. 

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