Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Log cutting after a 2 hour jog

The above video is of a log cutting session of about 1 hour that we did after completing a 2 hour jog. This is how we train at Jukaado. Pushing the limits of physical and mental ability beyond the normal. We had started jogging at about 5:30am and had returned back by 7:30am. The jog was out in the wilderness with some part of it along the road, some of it along trails and a bit of hiking with sets of sit ups and burpees too. After a good jog of 2 hours to come back and start chopping logs of wood for 1 hour without drinking even a sip of water this is the way one should train. Such training will build your endurance and stamina to new phenomenal heights. It may seem harsh to those who do not train this way but once you start training at Jukaado you get used to such training routines and the body begins to enjoy such challenges. Chopping dried hard wood is not easy. It takes a lot of strength and hard work. To be able to do so after having your complete energy sapped by a good jog is what you can call mind over body.  It was a fun workout which all enjoyed. It was not something I had planned for so am sure it took the students by surprise. We were returning from the jog and I happened to see an axe and some big logs. That was enough to give me the idea for a testing workout. I think we chopped 5 medium sized logs and used the chopped logs as weights to carry and trek during the 12 hour nonstop training session to follow that night. So in a way just seeing an axe resulted in enhancing 2 workout sessions. 

At Jukaado we ensure to keep our training multidimensional and wholistic. So we push our training routines to the extent where the body and mind can not be stretched anymore. After a few days we push ahead from the place we had stopped last time gradually building and improving our fitness levels.

Do not try such workout routines without consulting your doctor and always train under the supervision and guidance of an experienced and qualified instructor.  

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