Monday, December 30, 2013

Jukaado Winter Camp - 2013 - 1st Training Session.

The Jukaado camp is a true test of body, mind and spirit. You get tested not only on your ability to train but to manage and live with any conditions you are put in to. It is training to prepare one to survive and adapt to all that is around them. 

All the students trained very well especially when you consider that it was the first camp for most of them and quite a few are still nursing or recovering from some injury or the other. None of them ever gave up and kept pushing themselves to train. Even when they were woken up at 2am after a whole day of training they were all smiling and eager to train. This is Jukaado!!!!

All the students are of varying fitness levels yet they all are constantly improving and getting better at their training. You do not need to be fit to train at Jukaado. What you need is a desire to train and a willingness to push yourself. The rest is our job, we will slowly but surely make you achieve a very high level of fitness. 

It does not matter what you can do, what matters is are you ready to do something you believe you can not do - Farzaan Merchant. 

Are you ready to be a warrior?????? Are you ready to push yourself??????? 

                       Then Jukaado is where you should be!!!!!!

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Martial arts training can not exist without Discipline, Mutual Respect and Proper Decorum.

At Jukaado we maintain the age old traditions of mutual respect, discipline and decorum. We have over the years asked many students to leave immediately from our dojo and have barred them from ever coming to train with us again if they have been found breaking the basic three requirements to train in any martial art. A person who does not have control over these three principles is not fit to be trained in martial arts. We give new comers some time to settle down and understand how a class is conducted and what is expected from them. We even give them a few warnings if we feel they are here to just cause trouble rather than train but if these warnings fall on deaf ears we stop them from training at Jukaado. Training such people could be harmful for society as there is a very good chance they will misuse the knowledge that they gain.

Martial arts may it be from any country requires these three basic principles or characteristics to be followed. In the olden days if a student had been removed for breaking these principles no other school would admit them to train too. However that seems like a fairy tale today.

An instructor is like a guide who leads you through the path that will polish your skill and improve your fitness levels. We must respect our instructors and listen to them. No instructor wishes to harm their students and has only their well being in mind. 

In the days I had started my training in martial arts we would think a million times before saying anything to our instructors not out of fear but out of respect. Yes we could ask a doubt a 100 times without any fear but dare we talk or misbehave during training and rest assured a punishment would come our way. Sadly the human race as such especially most of the younger generation finds qualities like respect, discipline and decorum a waste of time unless it can get them some materialistic gains.

Students take instructors for granted at times. They will not inform if they are not attending class on a specific day or if they have decided to discontinue class but if the instructor does the same by cancelling a class without informing the students they get enraged. Well in life respect has to be given first only then can you get it back. 

According to me these are the true teachings of any martial art which a student will learn only if the truly dedicate themselves to training for a prolonged period of time -

If a person is not disciplined in his behavior he will never ever understand the true meaning of martial arts. 

We do not train to learn to fight, we learn to fight to train our body, mind and soul.

If a person does not learn to give respect he will never understand the purpose of martial arts.

We do not improve our skill to fight on the streets at a drop of a pin, we improve our skill so that no matter how disrespectful a person or an attacker is on the street we use our knowledge to only defend ourselves or others and not to cause excessive harm or injury to the attacker. 

If a person can not maintain decorum he will never understand the reason of training in martial arts.

We do not train to get fit or tough, we train to change our lives to reform and mold in to the best we can physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually become. 

If you really wish to train in martial arts then that is the best decision you have made in your life. Ask any person who has trained under a genuine martial artist to look back to the person they were when they began training and the person they are today, there is bound to be loads of difference physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually too.  

However if your aim is to just learn to beat up people or attend because it is a cool thing to do or because your friends go there and you wish to talk with them or it is your way of getting friendly with students of the opposite gender then we suggest Jukaado is not the place for you for we will welcome you with open arms but we will also bar you from training if you are here only for the above reasons and not to train.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Students practicing escaping from different holds and grabs from the back and side.

Every class at Jukaado brings with it new learning. We try to make training interesting as well as realistic but we guarantee you will sweat and enjoy training too. The above video was just part of the training that was done by students during a class. It is always nice to have students who are ready to give their all while training. 

We may train very hard but we never do compromise on our students health and well being. Each students fitness levels and progress are closely monitored and appropriate precautions are taken to ensure no injuries from training.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Are you ready for the Jukaado Challenge??? - Airtel Hyderabad Marathon 2013

The above picture and this post is truly living testimony of the undying human spirit in all of us. We all just need to push ourselves to cross the boundaries we falsely believe to exist. 

Yesterday the 25th August 2013 we saw men and women from Jukaado between the age group of 17 - 48+ run and complete their first half marathon ever. Most of them had all sorts of injuries even before they came to Jukaado and yet am sure today all of them are itching to sign up for their next marathon.

At Jukaado we train to achieve the highest levels of fitness. Though we train in Unarmed Combat martial arts we do not restrict our training and go out and do everything that can be done. It is our way of achieving wholistic fitness.

 Today we can stand straight and proudly say there is nothing a Jukaadoka can not do.

 Are you ready to take this spell bounding trip to better your health???

Through all this there is one team member of our Jukaado family we would like to specially mention about. He is Mr. Bharatram a magnificent human being and our Physiotherapist. Over the last 2 years of our association with him there is not one student who has gone to him who has not come bouncing back ready to train like they have been rejuvenated. Most of the team members below have already made a few visits to him and the results are evidently visible. Thank you very much Sir for being part of the Jukaado family and guiding and rehabilitating us when we are in need of your prompt and accurate treatment.

We are truly pleased seeing all of them accomplish this amazing task. I will now take you through each of the team members and why their achievement is worth applauding without mentioning anyone's name directly.

To begin with I would like to start with one of Jukaado's most senior students in age and belt / dan.  He joined us way back in 2005 and was not so fit when he did. Over the years he has grown and has got fit like no other person you would come across especially since he is in his late 40's. Even though he has tremendous traveling to do at work he is super disciplined and very conscious about his training routine. A wonderful human being always ready to guide and help all that come to Jukaado. 

Next we move on to a young boy who is just 17 years old and has completed his second half marathon yesterday. He began his journey with us in the year 2006 when he was a small kid and today the kid has grown up to be rock of a man. We call him the punching bag of our class as his body has grown immune to pain. He has been busy over the last year with his academics and hence has not been able to train regularly and yet his will power and spirit is worth appreciating for without any practice he managed to run the half marathon. 

Then we have our Sensei of Japanese language whom we meet in 2010. A wonderful and passionate teacher of the language. He was planning on trying the relay and was not sure of being able to run the half marathon. This was just 45 days prior to the marathon. However after some discussion he was ready to train with us and give it a shot. Running was already imbibed into him he just needed the push and that is what this marathon provided. Yesterday we received a very nice message from him about his experience over the 4 weeks of training for the marathon and how much he now loves to run. Keep it up Sensei!!!

Then we have a lady who is an adventure junkie. A lady who loves to trek for hours and hours among nature. When she came to us about 8 months back she needed to work on her fitness and core strength. We remember telling her that she will run the next marathon much before even the dates for the Airtel Marathon were declared. She had said many professional runners had tried to inspire her to run but all failed and she would never run a marathon. Over the 8 months with constant and regular training her fitness levels improved and so did her confidence. Yesterday she has crossed a boundary which she had always believed was impossible to even dream of. 

Then we have a lady whose 2 sons have been training with us since the last 8 years. Yesterday this mother of 2 boys ran the marathon along with her younger son who is 17 years old. Am sure she never thought this would ever happen. She came to us about 6 months back just to improve her fitness level which was in a very bad state at the time. She deserves a big applause for even though initially she would have lots of body aches but she never ever gave up. Yesterday am sure she felt like she had achieved something that was not even visible on the horizon.

Next is a lady who came to us with a very weak core and an injured cartilage of the knee. She was actually petrified in the beginning if the training would harm her or if she could do any of this. But she had heart and did not give up. She slowly progressed from where she was and has really grown a lot. Incidentally her knee pain got aggravated 2 weeks before the marathon. Her will power is rock solid she took rest for the 2 weeks and completed the half marathon yesterday. We were informed that she was very exhausted after the marathon but her big smile in the pictures is evident that she was delighted at her achievement.  

We have 2 more team members of Jukaado both young girls in their 20's. Both of them came to us about 4 months back. They both were not very fit and one of them even has quite a few old injuries which kept resurfacing during her training. However both of them showed grit and perseverance and did not give up. An achievement we are sure they will cherish forever.

This is Jukaado!!!!!

We do not train all at a prefixed level but start with where ever the student is comfortable with and slowly but surely bring them to a very high fitness level.  

All that is needed is that you have heart and spend a few days at Jukaado the rest is our duty.

So are you ready to be a Jukaadoka??

  Are you ready to cross boundaries???

     Are you ready to achieve the unimaginable????

       Are you ready to accept the  JUKAADO CHALLENGE?????

               If Yes then we are waiting for you to step in!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Tyre Workout - Jukaado Camp May 2013

If you wish to be a warrior you need to train like one. 

This is always on our minds while we train or plan a training session. Training at Jukaado is multi dimensional as in we do everything that is done and there are also quite a few things we do which scares people of our training. Things like a nonstop 24 hour training or standing in front of a line of men and women who are going to punch and kick you with full power or using an iron hammer to condition the fingers and other bones of the body etc seem too crazy for most people to understand. However the results that the students training in Jukaado get are far beyond any workout out there. They do not only get fit and toned but also get super strong physically and mentally, immune to ailments, improved concentration and confidence levels, super human like endurance and pain threshold and lots more. 

The above video is of a tyre workout session at our last camp. Most of the tyres are radials of a safari or scorpio ( SUV ) so they are pretty heavy and good for workout. The younger students are given tyres which are much smaller though. It is always nice to see students push themselves to train like this. It shows their desire to improve and passion to train. 

We look forward to Jukaado starting its first dojo in another country. Discussions are on with regards to Jukaado's International debut. We have also received inquiries from people from other countries to come down and train in Jukaado with us. We are glad to receive such requests from people far away and welcome them to come and  train with us.  

                                              Happy Training!!!!!!!!!!!


Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Students Practicing Escaping / Countering from Restraining Holds / Chokes.

Do not try this at home or anywhere on your own. The students in the video have been training regularly and are under supervision of an instructor. Training without proper guidance from a qualified instructor can result in injuring yourself as well as your partner. 

In the above video students are practicing techniques of escaping / countering from restrictive holds / chokes which they were taught just a few minutes back. Learning is continuous process and we are sure the students will keep practicing and improve further. If you observe the faces of those being choked you will see how realistic the training is at Jukaado as all are experiencing a real choke to the neck and are escaping from it.  Unarmed Combat training differs from sports martial arts mainly in the aspect that unarmed combat training is training for a realistic situation on the road while as sports martial art training revolves around competition.

We do not support or endorse any form of violence. We train in martial arts with the main aim of improving our health and fitness. We respect the law and recommend that God forbid one has to defend oneself on the road one should make sure the attacker is handed over to the authorities for proper legal action against such people.

                                                   Happy Training!!!!!!!!! 

Saturday, June 22, 2013

A Class at Jukaado

A class at Jukaado always starts with a good warm up and stretching exercises. We have only shot bits of our full training routine during one of our classes. Every class the training varies and so does the intensity too. Some classes may be very cardio intensive the others may be technical, some may be conditioning and bag work based other classes may be sparring or realistic self defense training. This is just a video of one of our regular classes. No editing has been done to present the video in its original form. 

Do not try any of the training routines on your own. Always train under supervision of a well trained and experienced instructor. 

                                                         Happy Training!!!!!!!!

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Students practicing Ground Work Combinations at Class.

Do not try these techniques on your own at home or any where else. Always train under the supervision of a trained and experienced instructor. The students in the video are training regularly and are under the watchful eye of an instructor.

This is not a preplanned video. At Jukaado we believe in showcasing realistic training videos. The students were practicing some ground work combinations which they were shown on this specific day. The video is about the students practicing and learning the combinations. It is not a tutorial of any technique or combination. 

It is preferable to be on your feet in a street fight but however you could end up on the floor too. Hence we train for both situations. The students are simulating going down from a standing position during a fight and even countering an arm bar with a triangle choke. As always all the students trained well. It is nice to have a bunch of students who really wish to train and give their best in class.

                                                 Happy Training!!!  

Monday, June 3, 2013

Jukaado Camp May 2013 - Bag work

The above video is about the 3rd session of the day at our camp. So students have already trained for 4 -5 hours before this session of bag work.

Some of the new students were trying their hand at bag work for the first time. All trained well. The session started with some warm up followed by 30 minutes of shadow boxing and then we started bag work. 

It was an extra workout for Prateek and Shiv as they were helping others do the bag work. Both of them were holding the bags and making others do bag work for over 45 minutes or so before they could put on the gloves for bag work. 

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Jukaado goes International!!!!! - The Jukaado Story.

We are very happy with the response we have been receiving from martial artists world wide with regards to our training. It is this positive feedback from all of them that has given us the confidence to take this step of spreading Jukaado as a martial art Internationally. There have been a few martial artists particularly, who we have never met in person but they have really been there to support and promote Jukaado in as many ways as they can. We would not like to mention their names without their consent however we are sure when they read this they will know that we are very grateful for their kind words and support. 

We are in conversation with people who would like to start Jukaado in their country. If things workout Jukaado will be taught in another country besides India within a few months. We are ready and open to talks with anyone who would like to start Jukaado in their country. At the moment we are looking at these few countries to begin with - Thailand, Australia, UK, France, Canada. However if you do wish to start Jukaado in your country do get in touch with us.

                            THE JUKAADO STORY - 

It has been a long journey for Jukaado and since we are spreading it Internationally we would like to share the story of how Jukaado came about and has reached here.

Jukaado is formed by Sensei Farzaan Merchant a martial artist with 29 years of training background. Sensei Farzaan Merchant has been training in numerous martial arts from a very young age. However it was in 2005 when he got involved with providing high profile security of body guards and bouncers to V.I.P.'s and Celebrities that the need for forming a more efficient system of combat to be more efficient in protecting the V.I.P. was felt. It is this practical need in the actual field that brought about the formation of Jukaado  as an efficient Unarmed Combat System. Jukaado was basically formed combining Judo, karate, aikido and over the years techniques from various arts like Muay Thai, Jeet Kun Do, Kung - Fu etc have been added to make it more efficient. Jukaado's techniques / combinations are designed with the aim to immobilize an attacker in just 3 moves including the block.  However certain changes have been made from their original forms to enhance practicality for eg- In Judo throws are executed by holding the sleeve of the uniform between the palm and elbow, however in Jukaado we throw catching the wrist itself for on the road an assailant may not be wearing a full sleeve shirt and moreover in a real fight pulling at a sleeve of a shirt could result in it tearing and hence foiling the throw. Being aimed at Unarmed Combat, training in Jukaado is full contact and very intense which in the beginning did have a lot of students leave within just 2 weeks of training. Over a period of years the word of our intense training spread within the city of Hyderabad and slowly people who really wished to train in martial arts did start finding their way to our class. In the year 2010 a senior student of Jukaado - Sravan felt that Jukaado needs to be heard and seen by people world wide. It was his vision and stubborn attitude that has brought Jukaado to the world today. Sensei  Farzaan Merchant was reluctant of having an online presence in the form of a website or a you tube channel but our senior student Sravan one day opened a blog and handed it over. Sensei Farzaan Merchant started with the blog reluctantly posting articles and uploading videos on the you tube channel too. Soon we had our own domain again thanks to Sravan. We started regularly uploading videos and articles online and slowly the world began to notice Jukaado. Over the years we have received mails and messages from people from numerous countries world wide. We have also made good friendly bonds with some outstanding martial artists worldwide. In just 3 years of being online we have put up about 150 articles on various aspects of martial art training and articles on fitness and health related issues too along with about 75 real training videos covering numerous aspects and facets of training.We have had the privilege of contributing to articles for numerous newspapers and magazines, done TV shows on martial arts, been interviewed on different radio channels a couple of times. At Jukaado we do not sell belts in fact we are not too fond of even issuing belts. Our aim is to train and only if a student deserves to be promoted he / she is promoted to the belt they deserve. On the road God forbid if one is attacked no one is going to bother which belt you are what will matter is how much sweat and training have you invested to learn to protect yourself. Our gradation system is intense and very severe. Just a month back we had a shodan (black belt) and Nidan (Black belt Dan 2 )  gradation which was 24 hours nonstop. It is amazing to see students able to complete such grueling, strenuous and intense gradation with ease. This is what Jukaado is about.


                                           THIS IS  JUKAADO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Saturday, May 18, 2013

Students Practicing Goshin - Jutsu at class.

The above video is taken during class. It is not a demonstration or display of any technique. The students are learning these techniques while the video is being shot so there are bound to be some mistakes. However they seem to be grasping the techniques pretty well. 

It is very nice to see them all train with realistic application of force like one would encounter on the street. 

Do not try these techniques on your own. You could injure yourself or your partner. 

Thursday, May 2, 2013

24 Hour's Nonstop Training

The students had already trained for about 20 - 22 hours on the 1st and 2nd day in total and then after just a few hours of rest and an early dinner they were ready to take on the 24 hours training challenge. It should be known that neither of us had prepared for training so long nor did we ever try it before. Last camp we did 12 hours nonstop training so this camp we planned taking on the 24 hours challenge. May be next camp it will be 36 hours.

All the students have trained exceptionally well and it is truly a blessing to have all of them training at Jukaado. 

We started the challenge with immersing our full bodies in cold ice water. We used 200 kgs of ice and after sitting in the ice water for 10 minutes we would come out and do the kata Sanchin then go in the ice water again. Then followed a troublesome 4.5 hour trek with logs of wood on the shoulders and lots of burpees and leg raises in intervals. 

We did a lot of different exercises but it was not possible to shoot everything so for the video we have just shot a bit of the different aspects of training that we did through out the 24 hour training. 

The best part is that the students were given sealed water bottles and a nutrition bar to carry for the trek but were not allowed to drink the water or eat the nutrition bar for the 1st 10 hours of the workout. They were tested physically and mentally and they completed all the challenges with a smile.


Thursday, April 18, 2013

Jukaado Burpees Crawl

What is Jukaado Burpees Crawl?

We hope to create awareness about health and fitness among the general public. With that being our intention we go to public places and do Burpees. When passers by see people exercising in places where no one usually would like a mall, near a shop etc they stop to see what is happening, some come and inquire and that is when we try to talk to them about health and fitness as well as the importance of exercising. 

We have started the Jukaado Burpees Crawl since last few weeks and hope to move to different parts of the city with the view to create awareness. Moreover it is a fun workout doing Burpees at public places. To make it more fun we have started the crawl at a fresh sugar cane juice shop. We come to the shop 3 times a week after a good 1.5 hours of training at class. After doing 10 Burpees we have a glass of sugarcane juice and start the next set.

Today we were 16 of us and we did 5 sets that is 50 Burpees. Since we have been coming to the same place for last 3 - 4 times the people in the area are now aware of the action that shall follow once we arrive. Am sure slowly their inhibitions will wash away and they too will join us in doing Burpees. 

We hope to spread the Jukaado Burpees Crawl not only in our city or our country but all over the world. After all there is nothing more valuable than health and nothing can be better than motivating people to live healthy and get fit.

We at Jukaado are committed to promoting general health and fitness. Our training may seem intense or even insane to some but we have a systematic training program which can take a very unfit person and transform them in to a healthy, fit and tough person without harming their body. 

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Safety and Security Procedures For All To Follow

Before we get in to this topic I feel it is important to let the readers be aware of my background or experience in this subject and then discuss the topic at length. I do not have any prior military or defense personnel training. I have been training in authentic and traditional martial arts of various countries for the last 30 years. Authentic martial arts training is the training which used to be provided to soldiers or warriors back then training in them is very close to understanding real life attack situations. Besides my extensive martial arts background I have been closely associated with providing specialized security to a number of famous personalities like film stars, sports personalities and other V.I.P's. Have also been part of setting up secure facilities from overseeing and set up of CCTV's, secure  fencing, barricades and so on. Have selected and trained employees for QRT's ( Quick Response Teams) for companies and Hotels. A QRT is a group of employees of any company or Hotel that we train in basic safety and security procedures and they come in to action if ever an eventuality strikes. It could be anything as simple as a fire which the QRT will help in safe and orderly evacuation of the remaining staff and try to reduce loss of life and property till the respective authorities arrive to take over. I have extensive experience in the actual field and not in just theory. It makes a great difference from knowing theory and actually experiencing the situations in the field.

 Before moving ahead we would like to make it clear that this article does not wish to create heroes or vigilantes. We have lots of respect for the police and other authorities who go through a lot of hard work to ensure our safety. The article aims at making us more alert and responsible citizens who inform the authorities if they spot something wrong that could result in saving loss of life and property. It is always better to be safe than sorry.

In my personal opinion the most important factors for being safe and secure for yourself as well as people around you is being alert, use common sense, presence of mind, consistency, discipline and attention to details.  

We will look at all of them in detail. When we are on the road always be in the now. Do not let your mind be busy with your schedule for the day or be busy on the cell or listening to music. A mind not present in the now is less likely to catch or register vital details on the road eg - an attacker or mugger walking towards you or something out of place like a bag left on the road or some one fiddling with a junction box for electricity or the mode of transport you use daily takes a turn which it does not everyday etc. These details may sound very minor to us but when an eventuality strikes it is these details if noticed in advance could have saved the loss of life and property. So when you are on the road keep your mind on the road and observe all around you take things in. These are things that comes with practice but you could use few games that I use daily to keep me alert. When you are traveling to work daily try to remember the digits of a car license plate its colour and model. There is a good chance that you will see the same vehicles everyday to work, if you can remember them and spot them on the road shows you are getting more alert. Another game you could use is try remembering the vehicles and the numbers on the license plate that are parked in your lane or colony. The last 4 digits is enough this will help you notice vehicles that are not from your colony and if it just stays parked for more than a day without you seeing anyone approaching the vehicle it is the right time you contact the police to look into it. Another game would be to remember things in your surroundings simple things like how many speed breakers are there on the road to your house or how many garbage bins or spittoons are placed in the places you visit like your office or building in which your office is located and where they are placed and so on. Keeping track of such small detail in your surroundings will improve your ability to notice things that are out of place. 

Security is not only the duty of the few we appoint they are there to help us and protect us but it is the duty of all of us as citizens to help them in their duty by being alert and inform them. We need to be consistent and disciplined in our daily life. In our country it is common to see bags and pouches fixed to bikes. These are like sitting ducks for people who wish to create mischief or chaos. If you have a pouch or bag attached to your bike ensure that it has a good lock to it. So many times I have seen people leave their lunch boxes or bags hanging on the bike handle and they go to shops to buy stuff. When you ask them not to do that they argue and say it is their problem why am I bothered. It is important not to leave any thing unattended someone could slip something in which could cause severe loss to life and property. Moreover if we all are disciplined and do not leave stuff on our 2 wheelers then it would be easier to spot a two wheeler which has a bag left behind and that could go a long way in ensuring safety for all around us. We all need to be consistent. Security is not something that needs to be checked when something goes wrong and then after few days we are back to normal again becoming sitting ducks for those who wish to cause harm. Just two days back I was providing training to some people and we were training in self defense from an armed attack. I had my dummy 9mm gun which is a rubber gun block which is used to simulate a real gun attack and it looks realistic too. I received a call from a company who wanted me to come in to discuss with regards to a workshop. So I went to the companies premises with the dummy gun. The building where the company is located is very big and may be having close to few thousand people working in them. The security staff at the gate did not notice my gun did not check if I do have an appointment with the said office he just let me in by issuing a pass. Once on the premises I walked in to the building the metal detector went off when I crossed the door frame metal detector (DFMD) the guard did not bother to check or frisk me. The gun was just tucked in my pant and he did not even see that. Then I strolled around all the 3 blocks or buildings trying to locate where I had to go, No one stopped me or asked why I was roaming around. I even entered a few offices by mistake thinking that is where I had to go sadly the security staff there too did not stop me. This is why we need to be consistent. If an eventuality happens somewhere the next day the same security staff will be on high alert and frisk me many times but after a few days I will again be able to repeat an easy walk in to that premises unchecked. I will inform the company of the lapse of security on their premises and offer to help them to improve and perfect their security arrangements. It is not important how many hours we stay alert and focused people who wish to attack look for the few moments we lower our guard. Mind you a few moments is all it takes to create chaos and launch an attack.

It is virtually impossible to have the police and other authorities every where in the city or country but if we are all alert, disciplined, consistent, use common sense and presence of mind we all together can work to ensure safety and security for all of us and help the authorities to perform their duties better. If we are able to spot and report or inform the authorities of something that is out of place or suspicious then we are being a responsible citizen.

Another important aspect I have seen and faced many times in the field is not informing the security personnel of all the details necessary for e.g - If you have to provide an entourage security and you are not informed of the route or details or schedule it is a virtual  nightmare if you wish to provide good security. Without having all details in an eventuality there is no set plan of evacuation or alternate route etc in place. Do not hire security for show or to try to use them to display your status in society. Either you trust them completely or do not hire them at all.

I could go on and on with numerous details and aspects however if we all follow the above mentioned details all the time then we all will be working like a group of individuals who by being alert citizens are not only ensuring their safety but also securing the safety of all the people around us.

 Always remember it is the small details that are the most important.
                                                            BE ALERT ! BE SAFE!  

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Conditioning for Shoulder blades, Deltoids and Upper Torso

Conditioning is a very important part of our training at Jukaado. The above video is one of the variations of conditioning that we do at class. The golden rule of any conditioning process is to start slowly with softer objects or easier methods and gradually progress to more intense training methods. Always remember - Haste Makes Waste.

Do not try to copy this on your own. You could injure yourself and your partner. Such training should only be attempted if you a have a clean bill of health from your doctor and are supervised and trained by an instructor who is well versed with such training methods. 

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

What is Jukaado? Why is it different from traditional martial arts?

Very often we are asked these questions by new comers to our class or just by people who wish to understand as to why or how is Jukaado different from traditional martial arts besides being a combination of a few martial arts.

We have great respect for all traditional martial arts and in fact most of our training procedures are from these traditional martial arts itself. There is nothing that can be better than traditional or old school training.

Before we go any further we would like to make it very clear that Jukaado, its instructors or the students in no way endorse or suggest getting in to any fight or violence. We are very peaceful people who just like to train in martial arts to challenge our bodies and improve our fitness levels. Please do not try any of our suggestions if you do not train the way we do.  

At Jukaado our training revolves around Close Quarter Combat or CQC. 

What is Close Quarter Combat ? 

In a real life attack a fight that breaks out is in close quarters that is the attacker and the attacked are very close to each other. This limits the movements of the attacker and the attacked. However the attacker is ready for the situation and most likely even selects a perfect spot or surrounding to give him an advantage over the attacked. 

At Jukaado we train for CQC. Our fighting style involves being close to the attacker and knock him down in his tracks. This has a lot of advantages as students are more tuned and ready to be close up with their attacker and fight back from whatever little space they have at their disposal. In today's day and age where weapons are also used during attack. A weapon (sharp edged tool/ knife or firepower) is something an attacker may be carrying which they may use if they feel they are losing the fight. If you are in close range with your attacker you stand a better chance to intercept and stop the utilization of the weapon. 

We would like to make it known that any fight armed or unarmed can swing in any direction so it is always better to avoid getting in to a fight unless it is your only option to ensure your safety. No matter how many years you have been training there is a very good possibility of getting injured in a real fight on the road.

It is with keeping the CQC in mind that our training involves close quarter strikes and our technique combinations involve striking with hands or legs, grappling and joint manipulations or locks and chokes. The idea is to surprise the attacker and effectively neutralize them within just 3 moves including a block. To be good at CQC one needs to be in top physical state, conditioned like rock and very fit. That is the reason our training routines seem very intense to many with loads of strength building exercises, a good amount of cardiovascular exercises and numerous body conditioning drills. With a decent amount of time training in Jukaado students can have very high fitness levels, high endurance and stamina levels and can take full power strikes on their stomach, ribs, back, shin, thigh and even the neck. This leaves only the face which is not possible to condition with delicate parts like the nose, eyes etc located on the face. Since our training aims at  CQC we give lots of importance to covering the face at all times. Conditioning is very important at Jukaado for in a realistic situation you will be hit any where on the body being conditioned like rock allows you to not get injured by full power blows of the attacker so you could focus on neutralizing the attacker and hand him over to the authorities to take the necessary legal action against such miscreants.

So basically what differentiates Jukaado would be that we train for only realistic situations and not for competition. Our aim is to train and teach realistic self defense / unarmed combat training / close quarter combat. This results in our body, mind and reflexes responding better to a real attack on the road God forbid. We are not against competitions or sports sparring but we train for realistic situations. Another way of looking at it is we do not only learn the alphabets but also learn to form words and sentences to be used in life. Just learning the alphabets would be of no use to communicate with others. The result is that we are tuned and trained for realistic situations but can also compete in competitions however if training only revolves around sports sparring training they  may not be able to defend themselves in a real fight on the road.

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Workout with tyres - Camp Dec 2012.

The above video is about a training session using tyres to train with. Tyres are a wonderful unorthodox training equipment. There are so many varying workouts that can be planned with them. Here we have just shown  a few ways that one can train with tyres. Such workouts are very good to build functional strength, speed and endurance. 

We train very hard but we train wisely and are well experienced in various training procedures. Please do not watch a video and try any training routine on your own. It could lead to severe injury. Always train under the supervision of an instructor who is qualified and experienced in any form of training. 

Monday, January 21, 2013

Morning Session at Camp on 27th Dec 2012.

The above video is of one of the day training sessions from camp. At the Jukaado Camps we train for a minimum 4 sessions per day. Each session would be about 2 - 3 hours at a stretch. The day session is the 2nd session of a day full of strenuous training.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Log cutting after a 2 hour jog

The above video is of a log cutting session of about 1 hour that we did after completing a 2 hour jog. This is how we train at Jukaado. Pushing the limits of physical and mental ability beyond the normal. We had started jogging at about 5:30am and had returned back by 7:30am. The jog was out in the wilderness with some part of it along the road, some of it along trails and a bit of hiking with sets of sit ups and burpees too. After a good jog of 2 hours to come back and start chopping logs of wood for 1 hour without drinking even a sip of water this is the way one should train. Such training will build your endurance and stamina to new phenomenal heights. It may seem harsh to those who do not train this way but once you start training at Jukaado you get used to such training routines and the body begins to enjoy such challenges. Chopping dried hard wood is not easy. It takes a lot of strength and hard work. To be able to do so after having your complete energy sapped by a good jog is what you can call mind over body.  It was a fun workout which all enjoyed. It was not something I had planned for so am sure it took the students by surprise. We were returning from the jog and I happened to see an axe and some big logs. That was enough to give me the idea for a testing workout. I think we chopped 5 medium sized logs and used the chopped logs as weights to carry and trek during the 12 hour nonstop training session to follow that night. So in a way just seeing an axe resulted in enhancing 2 workout sessions. 

At Jukaado we ensure to keep our training multidimensional and wholistic. So we push our training routines to the extent where the body and mind can not be stretched anymore. After a few days we push ahead from the place we had stopped last time gradually building and improving our fitness levels.

Do not try such workout routines without consulting your doctor and always train under the supervision and guidance of an experienced and qualified instructor.  

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Self Defense Training For Women Staff of Taj Falaknuma Palace

                                         The Taj Falaknuma Palace.

Jukaado conducted a self defense training workshop for the women staff of Taj Falaknuma Palace Hotel. It was nice to see women ready to learn to defend themselves. They were eager to learn and some were over zealous but they were all having fun while they were learning and that is what matters. 

Learning how to strike with the elbow.

                                     Practicing and striking with their elbow. 

They received training in the simplest ways of counter attack with using the least amount of force or power. The focus was to teach them specific techniques using joint manipulation so that they could counter and defend themselves very easily. Emphasis was also given on improving their reflexes and to always block their body especially the face. They were taught a number of vital strikes like the elbow to the face etc which could be very helpful in close quarter defense situation.

                               Proper stance and blocking pattern.

                                Defending a sudden attack to the head.
    Striking the elbow while maintaining the other hand up to block.

So many people who provide self defense workshops expect the participants to be dressed only in track pants and a t-shirt. However we prefer to have the participants in whatever clothes they have to wear at work as in a real life situation that is what they would be wearing while they head to or back from work. So they should be comfortable in defending themselves in those clothes itself.

               Participants practicing different variations of arm locks.

               Practicing how to arm lock a slap to the face.

                  Striking the knee to the ribcage.

The participants were taught how to counter numerous forms of holds, grabs, hair pull, knife strike and various other forms of attacks. We hope that all the participants continue to practice and improve in their skill in self defense. Those who have any doubts or would like to continue their training further can always contact us and train at our class.

We also warned them of the wrong knowledge that some instructors with no realistic tactical or unarmed combat training go about teaching as self defense. For e.g.- Using a Chunni / dupatta as a weapon to choke the attacker. Well it is a good idea but realistically it will make the lady an easier target. If the attacker is a male and if the lady tries to choke the heavier male he could easily pull the lady as the lady is herself putting her hand forward wrapped in a long cloth like the dupatta. Yes if one has trained in martial arts for a few years and practices to use the Dupatta as a weapon it could be useful. However when you are training women in self defense within a short period of time to teach something like this is very wrong.

I hope that people who are looking to train do find an instructor or class that trains in unarmed combat for only then will they learn realistic and practical self defense.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Ground Work Practice at Camp - Dec 2012

A fight in a real life situation can swing in any direction. You could also end up on the ground and have to defend yourself. With this in mind it is equally important to train in ground work just like you would train in standing and fighting.  We do not encourage or suggest students or viewers to go out and fight, this is only for the purpose of training. One should avoid fighting at all times and only use their skill if it is a question of serious bodily harm. 

The above video is a practice session of ground work at the camp. There are two different techniques being practiced. One being the arm lock and the other being a neck choke.