Sunday, December 30, 2012

12 hour nonstop workout - Jukaado Camp Dec 2012.

The students had trained for 7 hours and headed to their rooms at around 9:30pm. They barely had 3 hours of sleep when they were woken up at 12:30am for the 12 hour nonstop training. The training started at 1am and continued till 1pm the next day. The workout in the 12 hours was intense and involved a very wide variety of workout. No muscle was left or sparred from this very intense workout. 

 Do not try this on your own. The workout was supervised by a trained instructor.  Training without supervision of an experienced instructor or with low fitness levels could result in severe harm to the body. 

All the students took up the 12 hour nonstop workout challenge with a smile and ended it with a smile too. A wonderful experience. Next time we shall aim for 24 hours nonstop workout.  Kiai !!!! 

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