Thursday, December 20, 2012

Free Self Defense / Unarmed Combat Training for Women.

Crimes against Women is a serious issue for our country. It needs to be met with strict laws and faster delivery of legal justice. This is how the law and government can help in controlling such crimes. However if women train in self defense then they could be in a position to foil an attack on them.  We have great respect for the law and do not wish or suggest anyone to take law into their own hands. The training is aimed at only providing you with an option to defend yourself in a situation / attack where defending yourself is the only option to ensure your safety.

Jukaado has been trying from quite a few years to get a corporate or press/ media house to sponsor a self defense workshop for women on a large scale. We do not wish to get any remuneration from such a workshop we just need the sponsor to arrange for a venue and spread the word of the workshop. However it is very difficult to get a sponsor for anything besides cricket. We have finally decided to help and give back to society in the best way we can. We have decided to start a free 1 month training workshop for women at our class itself. The workshop is for women from 15 years - 70 years +.  There is no fixed set of dates for the workshop. The 1 month free training will start from the day you start training at our class.

The training will start with a basic introduction into martial arts. Moving on to learning basic and advance techniques and combinations while improving and building your fitness levels. A fit person will always be in a better position to defend themselves. Once the body co- ordination is fluid the training will focus on realistic attack scenarios or self defense from various forms of attacks, holds, chokes etc. We will also be covering a bit of general safety precaution and tips to be followed an a daily basis to make you a less vulnerable target.

The aim is to make women aware of how to defend themselves. However in my expert opinion a 1 month course will not make anyone an expert in martial arts or self defense but in will surely place you in a better position to defend yourself than if you have not trained at all.  

We are sure that the training will be very helpful to all those who wish to learn, however we hope that you may never need to use it in a real life situation. 

To register just get in touch with us and start training.   

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