Saturday, November 3, 2012

Kakie Workout and it's use in Close Quarter Combat

Kakie training is a very important part of Okinawan martial art training. The Kakie workout is often mistook for just a conditioning drill. However Kakie training has a very close relation to simulating close quarter Combat training.

Proper training in Kakie not only strengthens your wrists, forearms, biceps and shoulders but also gives you a realistic training simulation to an attack in close quarters. 90% of the attacks on the street are close quarter situations and hence training for it is very important from the Self - Defense point of view.

 We do not endorse or support violence in any form. We are true martial artists who train hard but pray every day that we never ever need to use our skill out of class (unless it is a situation of life and death, where defending oneself out of pure self defense is our only option). Please do not try these techniques without proper supervision of a qualified instructor who has knowledge about this form of training.

                                                                    Happy Training!!!   

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