Friday, November 9, 2012

Jukaado Winter Camp Dec 2012 Challenge

At the very onset I would like to mention that I personally do not feel that any martial art is superior than the other. Every martial art has it's own area of expertise and variation from other martial arts. As a student of martial arts I try my best to train and give myself an exposure to different martial arts. This Challenge is in no way to show superiority or be boastful or convert martial artists to Jukaado nor is this a way to sell belts. I am totally against giving belts to those who are not ready for it and prefer to give more importance to a students training and their growth as a martial artist and human being.

The purpose of this challenge is to motivate non martial artists to get a glimpse into the wonderful world of martial arts and to try and bring martial artists from different martial arts together to train like martial artists not divided or apart in their own martial art. By coming together we all can learn much more from each other.  It is with these thoughts in mind and a good discussion with 2 senior students of Jukaado that I have decided on this challenge. This is the brain child of our senior student who has always been there to give these very creative ideas about training etc that sometimes ends up putting the other students grumbling at his suggestions. It is his suggestions that has made this website and all our videos possible.

The Jukaado Winter Camp will be for 5days towards the end of December 2012. It is a residential camp where students will stay and train with us for all the 5days. A normal day starts at 5am and the training will continue in 4 different sessions through out the day with breaks in between for food and rest. A normal day will have about 8 -12 hours of training. The training varies from session to session. We try to make sure that no 2 sessions at the camp are same and focus on different areas of martial art and fitness training. This being a winter camp we would have 2 -3 midnight training sessions where focus would be on training and improving ones Chi. 

A camp is a wonderful experience where though you are pushed to stretch and achieve a higher fitness level than you are at the moment, it is a fun filled experience. It brings out team spirit, constantly challenging ones body and mind, builds confidence, strengthens ones will power and lots more.

Coming down to the Challenge that we have discussed and decided to offer to everyone is as follows - 

Stage I - Survival Camp - This is where one comes to the camp for the first time. Their aim is to train as much as they can and survive the 5days at the camp. We will be there to guide and teach those who are new to martial arts. Moreover no one will be forced to train beyond their limit. All those who are new to martial arts need not worry as our senior students and myself will always keep an eye on you to ensure that you are not only training the right way but also to ensure that you do not harm yourself physically by pushing yourself beyond the point your body can take. At the end of the camp those who survive or complete the 5days camp will be awarded with a certificate for the same.  

Stage II - Beginner level Camp -  This is where a person who does not train in Jukaado regularly but has completed the Survival Camp and has come for the next camp organized by Jukaado. Here we expect to train you beyond the very basic level and test your fitness levels in comparison to the requirements that we at Jukaado have set for the various belt levels. We are not planning to sell belts, only if the participant at the camp displays ability and skill will he / she be awarded a beginner level belt (either white I, white II or yellow).

Stage III - Intermediate level Camp -  This is where a person has attended the Survival and Beginner Level Camp and wishes to attend their 3rd Jukaado Camp. The training and level that will be expected from the Participants will be very high. We will make sure that you train hard. We will push you to achieve very high levels of fitness at this camp. Depending on the participants performance and behavior through out the camp we will decide if he/she is ready and has the ability to move to the next level. If we find the participant fit and up to our standard we shall award them with a grade either orange or green. 

After one has completed the 3 stages the participants have an option to seriously train in Jukaado to get further gradation or they can continue to attend our camps to check and improve their fitness levels (without further gradation).   

Are you ready to Challenge yourself? Do you wish to see how fit you are? Do you desire to spend 5 wonderful days training and learning self - defense? If your answer is yes then do get in touch with us to be part of the camp coming up in December 2012.

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