Saturday, September 8, 2012

The Jukaado Spartans are here

We at Jukaado strive to achieve higher over all fitness levels by training. This training routine The Spartan Workout is introduced by me to the students for the 1st time today. I will be conducting regular classes on free hand as well as weighted Spartan Workout for all age groups men and women. It is an ideal form of workout for those who wish to constantly challenge their fitness levels. The results that one can expect from such a workout are phenomenal. If one seriously starts training in such workouts you will need to shop for new clothes for yourself very very soon. The workout can have a million combinations and altered to the requirements or fitness levels of the person or group. 

This was a very high intensity workout. Doing 1,500 repetitions is very intense. It would have been wrong to shoot the 1st set when all were fresh. That would make the workout look nice but would hide the level of exhaustion and intensity of the workout. This is the 4th set and it is visible that many are not doing it well due to exhaustion. Taking the video has let me Know the one's I have to work on to improve their fitness levels further.

 I prefer showing realistic training or progress in training. If you feel that this video is not up to the mark as many are not doing the workout well then I have only 1 thing to say - TRY THE SAME WORKOUT YOURSELF FIRST BEFORE CRITICIZING. 

This workout is very very challenging and you need to have a very high fitness level to do it properly once you have crossed 2 sets. However over a period of time all will build higher fitness levels, improve their endurance and stamina and slowly they will be able to perform better 1 set at a time finally reaching the target of completing 10 sets properly.

It is only by striving that one can succeed and I feel we should all applaud the effort put in by all the students in the video. The youngest being 5 years old and the oldest being 45 years.
Just being able to keep up and moving with the counts of each exercise is a real achievement.

                                                                        Happy Training!!!

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