Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Defending a Knife Attack - Reflex and Speed training

Being attacked by a knife or any sharp edged weapon is a very serious situation. The wounds could be fatal. I always recommend not to fight against a person armed with any weapon. If the weapon wielding person just intends to rob you and not harm you physically complying with the attacker is the safest and wisest thing to do. However if you are sure of the attackers intention to harm you physically then defending yourself is your only option. 

The above training video is a simple way to practice for improving your reflexes and speed to defend a knife attack. It does not matter with what or how you are attacked what matters is the frame of mind you are in when attacked. Always be calm and composed. Fear and panic tends to make you make more mistakes in defending yourself. Presence of mind is most important, try to use your environment or your surroundings to your advantage. This makes defending yourself easier. 

We do not recommend getting into fights and are against any form of violence. However God forbid if one is attacked by a knife wielding person and you do manage to neutralize the attacker it is your duty to report the matter to the Police so that legal action can be taken against such people and prevent them from attacking or injuring others in the future. 

The training in the video may seem easy but is very exhaustive specially since the attacker keeps charging at you. It is a very good workout but should be practised under supervision of a well trained instructor in Unarmed Combat Training.
                                                                                                                                  Happy Training!!

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