Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Sparring and it's importance

Any one can spar if they are fresh the true test lies in being able to spar when you are totally exhausted. In the above video the students were already winded by a strenuous training session and then they were made to spar. Such training builds spirit, willpower and improves endurance. It is not easy to give your best when the body just wishes to rest. 

This is BUSHI spirit!!!

Sparring is a very important aspect of training in any martial arts. Sparring should always be full contact, only then can a person be prepared for a realistic situation. I am against sport sparring as it reduces martial arts to a sport. Martial arts are the arts of war and since war was never a sport similarly martial arts can never be a sport too. 

What is sparring? 

Sparring or Kumite as it is called in Japanese is nothing but practice to fight. One needs to train regularly in it to be able to be good at it. Sparring uses or tests all the aspects of a martial artists training from his reflexes to his conditioning, from his focus to his endurance. It is the barometer on which one should mark their improvement. Sparring should always be full contact. That does not mean that you put new students in the ring and have them beat each other up causing both to get injured. The students should under go a descent level of training and conditioning to prepare him to be able to start sparring. Once in the ring it does not matter who you are against what matters is to give it your best shot for life gives us only 1 chance and one can not ask the attacker on the road for a re match.  Regular training prepares you for that. Every person has his own distinct style or way he or she fights. When you train in sparring with varied partners the more you improve as you learn to adapt to the different styles of all the different partners.

Women should come forward and train in martial arts. It will train, prepare and build their confidence to tackle an eve teaser or chain or purse snatcher on the street. Moreover since we train in conditioning every part of the body it makes the bones more dense, thicker and strong. This will help in keeping osteoporosis at bay. Martial arts is also considered to be one of the best ways to achieve higher fitness levels and hence can also help those who wish to loose weight or get toned.

Do not try to spar without proper training and supervision of a trained instructor. 

                                                                        Happy Training!!!

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