Saturday, June 9, 2012

Martial arts and the Knife - ( blocking of knife attacks safely)

Being attacked by a sharp edged weapon is a very serious situation and needs one to be very alert and focussed. The slightest wrong move could result in severe injury and in some cases even result in death. I always tell my students especially those who have trained with me for less than 2 -3 years that if attacked by a knife or any sharp edged weapon it is best to comply with the attacker. If he just wishes to rob you, trust me your life is more valuable than the cash you have on you. However if the situation comes to life and death then I guess everyone has the right to protect their life. 

One has to put in hours of regular training to be able to react and counter attack in a real life situation. The techniques or the body movements should flow like water. Defending against a sharp edged weapon requires your complete attention on the now, the body will only respond if the training has been set into the reflexes for you do not have time to think and then act. An attack takes only a few seconds so we must be able to anticipate the attack, block it and counter attack all within the few seconds the attacker takes to attack. This is why one needs to practise for years and years ever improving their proficiency and forever striving to reach the mirage called perfection.

Do not try these techniques without supervision of an instructor in Unarmed Combat Training.

                                                                        Happy Training!!

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