Saturday, June 2, 2012

Jukaado Camp May 2012 - Morning session on 3rd May

Any Martial Art irrespective of style or its country of origin has always been used for real combat situations. Having trained under numerous teachers, I have great respect and gratitude towards all of them for teaching me the true path of the warrior. Am not in favor of making martial arts into sports for it spoils the true essence of any martial arts. Only if one trains the hard way with full contact conditioning of body parts like feet, shin, thigh, stomach, ribs, neck, fingers, knuckles, wrist, forearms, elbows, shoulders, back, head can he truly be ready for a realistic attack on the street. I am against violence or any form of street fighting but if you are training in martial arts you should train the true way the authentic way it was meant to be. Today so many martial artists do not train in body conditioning. We train in full contact body conditioning making every part of the body like rock. I have come across so many black belts from various martial arts who have never trained in conditioning, they get shocked when you ask them if they have been punched in the stomach or kicked on the thigh etc for conditioning. Training without full contact is like fooling yourself by consuming  artificial sweeteners. Just like artificial sweeteners are very harmful similarly sport martial arts is not advisable. On the street there are no referees to give points or stop the fight, so if one does not train for a realistic situation there is a very good chance that one may not be able to defend oneself if attacked on the street.

Come train like a WARRIOR not like a SPORTSMAN. 
                                                                       Happy Training!!

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