Friday, May 25, 2012

Jukaado Camp May 2012 - Multiple Attack Simulation.

When attacked on the road there is no guarantee how you will be attacked, with what you will be attacked or by how many people. They could be trained or untrained street fighters so an attack on the street is something which one needs to be preparing and training well for.

We do not go out looking for fights as a matter of fact all our students and even myself are very calm and peaceful people however if someone attacks you violently we do have the right to defend ourselves and hand over the attacker to the Police who can take the necessary action to ensure such violent people are punished.

In the above video 1 student is encircled by 3 students who attack him with 6 bags so as to simulate a real attack. We use the bags so the students feel the impact of a realistic strike without the student being brutally injured with punches and strikes to the face. We train very hard but safety and well being of the students is always considered as our topmost priority.

The idea of this training is to simulate a multiple attack situation. The person in the middle who is being attacked should use his hands and try to punch or elbow the bags as well as try to move out of the ring he is encircled within and try to grapple or push away a person at a time while continuing to strike them. You can train with using the legs also to attack but here we are only using the hands. One of our black belts Shiv has done this training a bit better than others, his part in the video starts at about 3minutes of the video.

Do not try this training on your own. Only do so under the guidance of a trained and well experienced instructor.
                                                      Happy Training!!

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