Sunday, May 6, 2012

Jukaado Camp May 2012 - 5 hour long intense session

The training session was completed without any food, water or liquid intake for 5 hours.
The 5 hour session started with jogging with 1 tyre on each shoulder followed by obstacle rolling and jogging then they did push ups with a child sitting on their back. Then the kids did rolling and crawling while the seniors did some more jogging. After jogging again the  seniors did rolling and crawling with a tyre on their legs. Then they did sit ups followed by basics, push ups and combination of push ups and sit ups. Then they did kicking the tyre with the instep, stomach and thigh conditioning and when they were totally exhausted after so many hours of training under the hot sun they did kumite with each other. 

All trained very well.

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  1. Very nice to see that you all train the way martial arts is supposed to be. Keep it up!!