Saturday, March 31, 2012

Jukaado - Endurance Training - 3

This is our third video in our series of endurance training workouts. Endurance training is also often called as Crossfit workouts. Where varied exercises are combined together to make a very challenging workout circuit. 

Please do not start training like the above video unless you are very fit or have a well qualified instructor to guide you. First you need to slowly build your stamina and endurance levels by simple workouts like jogging, skipping, cycling, rowing and so on. Once your stamina and fitness levels begin to improve you can gradually start with such a workout. You could start with about 5 -8 sets and slowly increase it over a period of time to 20 - 25 sets. 

We are always ready to help in designing a workout perfect for your fitness needs or goals. So do get in touch with us for a personalized Crossfit program for you.
                            Happy Training!!!

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