Saturday, March 17, 2012

Jukaado - Endurance Training - 1

Endurance training is very important to any sports person. Nowadays endurance training is not only used by professional sportsmen but also by those who desire to get fit or get in shape. Endurance is the base of the fitness structure the more stamina you have and the more you can sustain rigorous workouts the higher would be your fitness level. It is sometimes misunderstood and wrongly portrayed by people or trainers.

As I always tell everyone it is not recommended to just watch some video and start training like that nor should you ask your trainer to make you do the same workout if the trainer is not aware of it. Fitness training is a science and unless you have thorough knowledge of a specific workout routine it is best not to try it out. A wrongly done workout without proper supervision could be more harmful than the benefits it could get you. Sometimes the injuries from a wrong workout routine may start surfacing after many months or years. So do train only under a trained instructor. 

We had no plan to shoot this video. I was early at class and training on my own after about an hour Pawan the student with me in the video came to class. I started him on with the same routine I was doing for the last 1 hour. It was then that it struck me that we have not done videos on endurance training and we just decided to shoot it. So after training for 1.5 hours in the same routine and Pawan doing the routine for 30minutes we still had enough stamina to shoot the video. This is called Endurance. The ability to push oneself to the extreme. 

Since we are on the topic of endurance training I would like to mention a bit about our students Swamibabu and Prateek. Both of them are very regular with the morning training with me. Where we go for a long jog and do lot of conditioning too. Today after many months of regular training both of them are able to keep up with me during the jog ( it is more like a sprint). We easily cover a distance of 5km within 12 -15 minutes and a distance of 10km within  30 - 38minutes and train for 1 - 2 more hours after that  . This shows that Endurance is a slow and patient process. Do not hurry to get results just be regular and train wisely. As Swamibabu often tells the new students who join us - Don't think just do it and be disciplined.   

                                                                       Happy Training!!!

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  1. who is camera man... he moves camera a lot. put him in next bull fight! i am sure he will win ;)