Friday, March 2, 2012

Jukaado Camp - Pictures

These are some pictures of the training that the students go through at the camp. The training goes on through out the whole day with breaks in between. The day starts at 5am with a minimum 10km jog followed up with some trekking or endurance building exercises. The morning session ends at 8:30am and the students are given breakfast. The students are to change into their uniforms and be at the informed training area by 10:00am for the next session. The session can vary with training in various aspects like body conditioning, traditional weight training, bag work, circuit training, kumite etc. This session ends at 12:30pm and lunch is served to the students. The students can rest for sometime and have to be ready for the next session by 4pm. This session continues till  8pm and would focus on training of throwing techniques, grappling, self - defense, basics and so on. The students then can have their dinner after the session. Some nights the senior students are woken up at 1am suddenly without any prior information and have to be out and ready for training within 5 minutes. The night training can consist of anything and everything possible from runs at night through forest using only hand held torches to conditioning, from practicing basic combination's to intensive cardio circuits, from Sanchin kata to multiple person kumite and so on. The midnight training may go on for 2-3 hours. The next day the routine continues again from 5am. Camp is usually for a period of 5 - 8 days. A camp is the true test of Bushi spirit for the students are pushing their bodies to train harder and better even though they are soar or have stiff muscles and aches. It is the test of mind over body and though it is strenuous care is taken to ensure that no student pushes themselves to train beyond their maximum ability.

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