Saturday, March 10, 2012

Complete Body Conditioning with a partner

In my personal opinion body conditioning and endurance training are very important aspects in the training of martial arts. Often many practitioners give more importance to perfection of techniques and end up neglecting either body conditioning or endurance or both of them. I do not say that perfecting techniques is not important however a perfect balance has to be struck in the training routine so that none of the aspects of training lag behind. I have often noticed that many instructors tend to teach more of what they personally like for e.g. - if the instructor is fond of a good cardio workout he may focus more on that than other aspects of training.  Body Conditioning should be done slowly and under proper supervision of an instructor. Wrong or hasty training procedures could cause severe injury to both partners.

The above video shows some simple ways you can condition the full body while training with a partner. The senior students - Swamibabu (black belt) and Prateek (Orange belt ) in the video are very fit and professional martial artists. Both of them are very busy with their work and yet they devote between 15 - 22 hours a week in rigorous training routines at our class in the evenings or at a gym and also join in the early morning training daily with me. It is their sheer will power and commitment that they have transformed themselves into rock from flesh and bones. If you have seen the video am sure you have heard the sounds that are created when they are striking each other with full power. 

We have shown conditioning for all the parts of the body that can be conditioned. I advice all the viewers to only try them under supervision of an instructor who has an idea of body conditioning. It is a slow process you can not just wake up one day and start kicking or punching each other with full power. Start with the training slowly and be patient and the results shall come too.

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