Saturday, March 31, 2012

Jukaado - Endurance Training - 3

This is our third video in our series of endurance training workouts. Endurance training is also often called as Crossfit workouts. Where varied exercises are combined together to make a very challenging workout circuit. 

Please do not start training like the above video unless you are very fit or have a well qualified instructor to guide you. First you need to slowly build your stamina and endurance levels by simple workouts like jogging, skipping, cycling, rowing and so on. Once your stamina and fitness levels begin to improve you can gradually start with such a workout. You could start with about 5 -8 sets and slowly increase it over a period of time to 20 - 25 sets. 

We are always ready to help in designing a workout perfect for your fitness needs or goals. So do get in touch with us for a personalized Crossfit program for you.
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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Endurance Training - 2

The above video is our second video in our series of endurance training videos. Training is not something that should differ with age or gender. This video is a good example of that. All the three students have a difference of minimum 8 years from each other. Under proper trained guidance anyone can train and achieve very high fitness levels. This endurance set is very tiring and after just 5 sets the body gets exhausted however with regular practice the students at our class are able to do 10 sets of this routine and lots of other training before and after these sets. So all we need is to be dedicated and disciplined and results will pour in.
                                                                                                                 Happy Training!!!!

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Jukaado - Endurance Training - 1

Endurance training is very important to any sports person. Nowadays endurance training is not only used by professional sportsmen but also by those who desire to get fit or get in shape. Endurance is the base of the fitness structure the more stamina you have and the more you can sustain rigorous workouts the higher would be your fitness level. It is sometimes misunderstood and wrongly portrayed by people or trainers.

As I always tell everyone it is not recommended to just watch some video and start training like that nor should you ask your trainer to make you do the same workout if the trainer is not aware of it. Fitness training is a science and unless you have thorough knowledge of a specific workout routine it is best not to try it out. A wrongly done workout without proper supervision could be more harmful than the benefits it could get you. Sometimes the injuries from a wrong workout routine may start surfacing after many months or years. So do train only under a trained instructor. 

We had no plan to shoot this video. I was early at class and training on my own after about an hour Pawan the student with me in the video came to class. I started him on with the same routine I was doing for the last 1 hour. It was then that it struck me that we have not done videos on endurance training and we just decided to shoot it. So after training for 1.5 hours in the same routine and Pawan doing the routine for 30minutes we still had enough stamina to shoot the video. This is called Endurance. The ability to push oneself to the extreme. 

Since we are on the topic of endurance training I would like to mention a bit about our students Swamibabu and Prateek. Both of them are very regular with the morning training with me. Where we go for a long jog and do lot of conditioning too. Today after many months of regular training both of them are able to keep up with me during the jog ( it is more like a sprint). We easily cover a distance of 5km within 12 -15 minutes and a distance of 10km within  30 - 38minutes and train for 1 - 2 more hours after that  . This shows that Endurance is a slow and patient process. Do not hurry to get results just be regular and train wisely. As Swamibabu often tells the new students who join us - Don't think just do it and be disciplined.   

                                                                       Happy Training!!!

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Complete Body Conditioning with a partner

In my personal opinion body conditioning and endurance training are very important aspects in the training of martial arts. Often many practitioners give more importance to perfection of techniques and end up neglecting either body conditioning or endurance or both of them. I do not say that perfecting techniques is not important however a perfect balance has to be struck in the training routine so that none of the aspects of training lag behind. I have often noticed that many instructors tend to teach more of what they personally like for e.g. - if the instructor is fond of a good cardio workout he may focus more on that than other aspects of training.  Body Conditioning should be done slowly and under proper supervision of an instructor. Wrong or hasty training procedures could cause severe injury to both partners.

The above video shows some simple ways you can condition the full body while training with a partner. The senior students - Swamibabu (black belt) and Prateek (Orange belt ) in the video are very fit and professional martial artists. Both of them are very busy with their work and yet they devote between 15 - 22 hours a week in rigorous training routines at our class in the evenings or at a gym and also join in the early morning training daily with me. It is their sheer will power and commitment that they have transformed themselves into rock from flesh and bones. If you have seen the video am sure you have heard the sounds that are created when they are striking each other with full power. 

We have shown conditioning for all the parts of the body that can be conditioned. I advice all the viewers to only try them under supervision of an instructor who has an idea of body conditioning. It is a slow process you can not just wake up one day and start kicking or punching each other with full power. Start with the training slowly and be patient and the results shall come too.

Do send us your suggestions or let us know if you would like to see any specific training videos or articles on a particular topic.
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Friday, March 2, 2012

Jukaado Camp - Pictures

These are some pictures of the training that the students go through at the camp. The training goes on through out the whole day with breaks in between. The day starts at 5am with a minimum 10km jog followed up with some trekking or endurance building exercises. The morning session ends at 8:30am and the students are given breakfast. The students are to change into their uniforms and be at the informed training area by 10:00am for the next session. The session can vary with training in various aspects like body conditioning, traditional weight training, bag work, circuit training, kumite etc. This session ends at 12:30pm and lunch is served to the students. The students can rest for sometime and have to be ready for the next session by 4pm. This session continues till  8pm and would focus on training of throwing techniques, grappling, self - defense, basics and so on. The students then can have their dinner after the session. Some nights the senior students are woken up at 1am suddenly without any prior information and have to be out and ready for training within 5 minutes. The night training can consist of anything and everything possible from runs at night through forest using only hand held torches to conditioning, from practicing basic combination's to intensive cardio circuits, from Sanchin kata to multiple person kumite and so on. The midnight training may go on for 2-3 hours. The next day the routine continues again from 5am. Camp is usually for a period of 5 - 8 days. A camp is the true test of Bushi spirit for the students are pushing their bodies to train harder and better even though they are soar or have stiff muscles and aches. It is the test of mind over body and though it is strenuous care is taken to ensure that no student pushes themselves to train beyond their maximum ability.