Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Muay Thai Training in Bangkok

Team Jukaado started the new year with a bang in its true sense. Four members of Jukaado left for Bangkok on 2nd Jan 2012 to train with Kroo (teacher in Thai) Jitti and the other trainers at Jitti Gym for a week.

We reached Bangkok on 3rd Jan 2012 and started training on the same day. The training is divided in 2 basic sessions the morning and the evening session.
The morning session would start with a jog from the gym through the Soi’s (inner roads) to Chatuchak Park where we would make a complete round and jog back to the gym. The approximate distance jogged is about 10km and a wonderful warm up too. After returning to the gym a bit of shadow boxing is followed with some bag work with one of the trainers.

The training was great and truly enjoyable. Everyone at the gym is like a family always ready to help each other even though all are from different countries and religious beliefs. The bond that existed is of true martial artists and good human beings. 

Every day brought a new opportunity to learn. We just needed to be ready to learn and there was always something to learn. 

Though we were there for a week it seemed to fly away like it was just yesterday. Personally for me it is one of the most enriching ways to have begun the new year.

The day came when we had to leave, it was a day where am sure all of us were sad and felt like we were leaving a part of us there. We hope to be back with Jitti and all the trainers and practitioners for a longer period of time may be 6months or even a year. Until then all we can do is prepare and train harder for another enriching experience.