Sunday, December 30, 2012

12 hour nonstop workout - Jukaado Camp Dec 2012.

The students had trained for 7 hours and headed to their rooms at around 9:30pm. They barely had 3 hours of sleep when they were woken up at 12:30am for the 12 hour nonstop training. The training started at 1am and continued till 1pm the next day. The workout in the 12 hours was intense and involved a very wide variety of workout. No muscle was left or sparred from this very intense workout. 

 Do not try this on your own. The workout was supervised by a trained instructor.  Training without supervision of an experienced instructor or with low fitness levels could result in severe harm to the body. 

All the students took up the 12 hour nonstop workout challenge with a smile and ended it with a smile too. A wonderful experience. Next time we shall aim for 24 hours nonstop workout.  Kiai !!!! 

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Interview on The Demzly Show!

I would like to thank a fellow martial artist Sensei Duane for considering our training and martial art for an interview on the Demzley Show. To be appreciated for the way we are training by true martial artists is a real feather in our cap.

The video below is the one where the questions of the interview were asked -

The video below are the answers to the questions of the interview -


I would like to once again thank Duane and all the martial artists worldwide that have appreciated our training. Am always happy to talk with them and receive their mails or suggestions. 

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Free Self Defense / Unarmed Combat Training for Women.

Crimes against Women is a serious issue for our country. It needs to be met with strict laws and faster delivery of legal justice. This is how the law and government can help in controlling such crimes. However if women train in self defense then they could be in a position to foil an attack on them.  We have great respect for the law and do not wish or suggest anyone to take law into their own hands. The training is aimed at only providing you with an option to defend yourself in a situation / attack where defending yourself is the only option to ensure your safety.

Jukaado has been trying from quite a few years to get a corporate or press/ media house to sponsor a self defense workshop for women on a large scale. We do not wish to get any remuneration from such a workshop we just need the sponsor to arrange for a venue and spread the word of the workshop. However it is very difficult to get a sponsor for anything besides cricket. We have finally decided to help and give back to society in the best way we can. We have decided to start a free 1 month training workshop for women at our class itself. The workshop is for women from 15 years - 70 years +.  There is no fixed set of dates for the workshop. The 1 month free training will start from the day you start training at our class.

The training will start with a basic introduction into martial arts. Moving on to learning basic and advance techniques and combinations while improving and building your fitness levels. A fit person will always be in a better position to defend themselves. Once the body co- ordination is fluid the training will focus on realistic attack scenarios or self defense from various forms of attacks, holds, chokes etc. We will also be covering a bit of general safety precaution and tips to be followed an a daily basis to make you a less vulnerable target.

The aim is to make women aware of how to defend themselves. However in my expert opinion a 1 month course will not make anyone an expert in martial arts or self defense but in will surely place you in a better position to defend yourself than if you have not trained at all.  

We are sure that the training will be very helpful to all those who wish to learn, however we hope that you may never need to use it in a real life situation. 

To register just get in touch with us and start training.   

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Jukaado Demo by students at Hillside School Sports Meet 2012.


The sports meet 2012 of Hillside School was filled with lots of colours, energy and hard work put in by all the students and staff, the results were just Awesome!!!

Friday, November 16, 2012

Train Till You Drop!!!: Jukaado Insane Workout Challenge

Train Till You Drop!!!: Jukaado Insane Workout Challenge: I would like to mention and make it clear that this is not a training video which anyone can watch and try to follow.  DO NOT TRY ...

Friday, November 9, 2012

Jukaado Winter Camp Dec 2012 Challenge

At the very onset I would like to mention that I personally do not feel that any martial art is superior than the other. Every martial art has it's own area of expertise and variation from other martial arts. As a student of martial arts I try my best to train and give myself an exposure to different martial arts. This Challenge is in no way to show superiority or be boastful or convert martial artists to Jukaado nor is this a way to sell belts. I am totally against giving belts to those who are not ready for it and prefer to give more importance to a students training and their growth as a martial artist and human being.

The purpose of this challenge is to motivate non martial artists to get a glimpse into the wonderful world of martial arts and to try and bring martial artists from different martial arts together to train like martial artists not divided or apart in their own martial art. By coming together we all can learn much more from each other.  It is with these thoughts in mind and a good discussion with 2 senior students of Jukaado that I have decided on this challenge. This is the brain child of our senior student who has always been there to give these very creative ideas about training etc that sometimes ends up putting the other students grumbling at his suggestions. It is his suggestions that has made this website and all our videos possible.

The Jukaado Winter Camp will be for 5days towards the end of December 2012. It is a residential camp where students will stay and train with us for all the 5days. A normal day starts at 5am and the training will continue in 4 different sessions through out the day with breaks in between for food and rest. A normal day will have about 8 -12 hours of training. The training varies from session to session. We try to make sure that no 2 sessions at the camp are same and focus on different areas of martial art and fitness training. This being a winter camp we would have 2 -3 midnight training sessions where focus would be on training and improving ones Chi. 

A camp is a wonderful experience where though you are pushed to stretch and achieve a higher fitness level than you are at the moment, it is a fun filled experience. It brings out team spirit, constantly challenging ones body and mind, builds confidence, strengthens ones will power and lots more.

Coming down to the Challenge that we have discussed and decided to offer to everyone is as follows - 

Stage I - Survival Camp - This is where one comes to the camp for the first time. Their aim is to train as much as they can and survive the 5days at the camp. We will be there to guide and teach those who are new to martial arts. Moreover no one will be forced to train beyond their limit. All those who are new to martial arts need not worry as our senior students and myself will always keep an eye on you to ensure that you are not only training the right way but also to ensure that you do not harm yourself physically by pushing yourself beyond the point your body can take. At the end of the camp those who survive or complete the 5days camp will be awarded with a certificate for the same.  

Stage II - Beginner level Camp -  This is where a person who does not train in Jukaado regularly but has completed the Survival Camp and has come for the next camp organized by Jukaado. Here we expect to train you beyond the very basic level and test your fitness levels in comparison to the requirements that we at Jukaado have set for the various belt levels. We are not planning to sell belts, only if the participant at the camp displays ability and skill will he / she be awarded a beginner level belt (either white I, white II or yellow).

Stage III - Intermediate level Camp -  This is where a person has attended the Survival and Beginner Level Camp and wishes to attend their 3rd Jukaado Camp. The training and level that will be expected from the Participants will be very high. We will make sure that you train hard. We will push you to achieve very high levels of fitness at this camp. Depending on the participants performance and behavior through out the camp we will decide if he/she is ready and has the ability to move to the next level. If we find the participant fit and up to our standard we shall award them with a grade either orange or green. 

After one has completed the 3 stages the participants have an option to seriously train in Jukaado to get further gradation or they can continue to attend our camps to check and improve their fitness levels (without further gradation).   

Are you ready to Challenge yourself? Do you wish to see how fit you are? Do you desire to spend 5 wonderful days training and learning self - defense? If your answer is yes then do get in touch with us to be part of the camp coming up in December 2012.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Kakie Workout and it's use in Close Quarter Combat

Kakie training is a very important part of Okinawan martial art training. The Kakie workout is often mistook for just a conditioning drill. However Kakie training has a very close relation to simulating close quarter Combat training.

Proper training in Kakie not only strengthens your wrists, forearms, biceps and shoulders but also gives you a realistic training simulation to an attack in close quarters. 90% of the attacks on the street are close quarter situations and hence training for it is very important from the Self - Defense point of view.

 We do not endorse or support violence in any form. We are true martial artists who train hard but pray every day that we never ever need to use our skill out of class (unless it is a situation of life and death, where defending oneself out of pure self defense is our only option). Please do not try these techniques without proper supervision of a qualified instructor who has knowledge about this form of training.

                                                                    Happy Training!!!   

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Jukaado Power Workout

This is one of the workouts I do 3 times a week before starting the class. Do not try this without having a pretty high level of fitness or unless a qualified and knowledgeable trainer assists you in the workout.

For any queries or personalized workout plans to suit your fitness level and goals you can get in touch with us.
                                                                 Happy Training!!!!

Sunday, September 23, 2012

My Body Conditioning Workout Daily.

You tube has helped the martial art community immensely. Today martial artists worldwide can share their ideas and training routines or techniques with everyone. I feel it is very nice. I personally have been able to come in touch with some wonderful martial artists from various countries.

Today's training video was requested for by a martial artist who practices Chinese Martial Arts in his country.  

The video is very self explanatory however I feel it is my duty to mention that - Do not try the conditioning methods which am using unless you are a trained martial artist having knowledge of these methods or you have a qualified instructor to guide you. Improper training could harm the bones and joints rather than Strengthen them. Train with caution not with haste.  

                                                                        Happy Training!!!

Monday, September 17, 2012

Fitness as a Fad, a Goal or a way of Life

"HEALTH IS WEALTH" - We all have heard this. How many of us work to earn it. Health like materialistic wealth also needs one to sweat, be disciplined and dedicated.

Usually people treat health like a fixed deposit in the bank. They feel I have always been healthy and have no ailments plus I played lots of sports in my school days, So I am bound to be healthy even today. Well sadly they are wrong. We can say health is like the working capital of a business if it is not used to generate more wealth it will just lie in one corner slowly but surely depleting with time.

I do not wish to write this article to be rude or hurt or ridicule those who take their health for granted but with the hope that I accomplish in giving them a gentle jolt so they take to seriously improving their health and fitness levels. 

Before starting the article I would like to mention that even if one has ailments like diabetes or blood pressure one can workout. All one needs to do is know of the possible tell tale signs that could occur during exercising for eg- sugar levels could suddenly drop and you may feel giddy etc. Your trainer should also be informed in detail of your ailment so he or she can take the necessary precautions for you.

What is Fitness? Is it your ability to lift weights? Is it your ability to stretch and perform various yoga asanas? Is it your ability to jog for hours? Well it is neither of them. Fitness is a very wholistic word it can not be limited to only one ability.  A person with a good fitness level should be just as good at aerobic exercises as they are with anaerobic exercises, just as good at stretching as they are at lifting weights and so on. Which is something most people miss out on. From the few  people that are seriously into fitness training may be only 1% of them approach fitness this way. Some just hit the gym and get bulky but can not even jog  5km at a stretch others may go for aerobics, yoga, dance, swimming etc but may never touch weights nor jog. This is a half baked approach to fitness. It is like baking half the cake and leaving the other half all sticky and uncooked. Every form of workout develops the body and its muscles differently only when we mix our training routine does the whole body get effective training.

Approach fitness wholisticaly. Prepare a schedule where you put in a workout at the gym as well as a jog in the park, along with may be a sport or yoga or dance or anything you like to do. It is this aim to target fitness wholisticaly that has brought about workouts like  Crossfit or Spartan.

It is sad and yet very true that in our country India people have an aversion to health and fitness no wonder that even before a hospital has opened officially patients begin to pour in where as a gym or fitness studio takes few months to get a good number of clients.  

We Indians (well at least most of us) have this wrong notion of age. We will most willingly finish 1kg of Jalebi or any sweet even at 50 years but will consider ourselves to be old to do rigorous training even at 25years.

There is no set age limit to begin or end ones journey in fitness. I know of people way past their 70's and yet they are very fit and even jog up hills regularly. Yes however I do not suggest that you wake up one day wear your shoes and run like a wild dog is chasing you around the park. Start slowly if you have been physically sedentary. Start walking build on it gradually by increasing your pace then gradually move to jogging and other forms of fitness training. The other most common belief is that - walking is good exercise. Walking is a wonderful exercise but not if you are strolling around the park. Walking also needs to be brisk to be called an exercise.

There are usually 3 ways people approach fitness. 
1. As a Fad
2. Set a Goal
3. A way of life.

Lets look at each of these approaches and which one is the right and most suitable approach.

Fitness as a Fad : -  This is the worst approach and has the maximum number of people in it. Suddenly one day people hear of some new exercise routine or fitness workout and everyone runs to join it. Most of them do it because it is supposed to be cool or because all their friends have joined. Some times people get a sudden spurt of enthusiasm after seeing someone who is fit. They will go buy new track pants, jogging shoes etc and they start but usually they never get passed the first week itself. Recently a lady boxer from our country  won a medal at the Olympics and the next day there were small girls brought by their parents to join a boxing coaching camp at the park I go to daily. Every body can not become an Olympic boxer but yes everyone can work to improve their fitness levels. Am sure in days to come these small girls who are forced by their parents to join boxing may stop training in it. Do we approach our career or our life whimsically? Ever changing and fluttering around from one thing to another. Well am sure we don't similarly do not approach your health and fitness whimsically too.

Fitness as a Goal : - Goal setting is good but it is usually approached wrongly. A person who is say 30kgs overweight aims at getting within their medically prescribed weight within 1 -2 months is not only an absurd goal but also severely harmful to the body. To achieve this target they may virtually stop eating and overexert the body without giving enough time for the body to recover. There are others who set a goal to reach a certain barometer set by them. They may or may not approach it in the right way. However once they have met their target they start getting complacent and over a period of time loose all the benefits they had gained by working out. There are others who after achieving their target feel they are now very fit and set a new goal of mammoth proportions. To achieve this target they will harm their body if not immediately then surely in the long run. Be realistic we are human beings not SUPERMAN OR SUPERWOMEN. 

Fitness as a way of Life : -  This is the best approach and the one I hope we all vow to follow. Can a small child no matter how smart appear for the board exam before he has even learnt his alphabets? Or can a builder build the 10 floor of a building without even laying the foundation? Similarly fitness also needs one to begin from the base and move up gradually. It is a process that can last many life times and still need one to work towards perfection. You need to gradually start building block by block and there is no limit to how high you can take your fitness level. Try to change your lifestyle, eat right and in moderation, workout well, give sufficient time for the body to recover, set realistic goals and targets, be disciplined and dedicated. These are someways we can work on making fitness a way of life. Most important always remember you are as old as you belief you are. The best example for this would be - Am sure we have seen some elderly people being very active however once they retire and stop doing any work they suddenly age over night. So keep training and working out always and have a very realistic and logical approach to fitness then am sure you will never go wrong. I have been training from last 27 years yet am still training everyday even today. In fact in the last few years, I end up collecting more miles on my current sport shoes than I did on the last pair before discarding them. Even though I have so many years of training behind me I approach fitness a step at a time and not just rush into it just because my body can take the load.

 I hope the article has been able to make its readers aware of the right approach to fitness and has made them decide to not train today or tomorrow only but to make FITNESS A WAY OF LIFE. To workout till their last breath on this wonderful Earth.

If you have any doubts or would like any assistance in setting up a workout for yourself do get in touch with me and am sure you will soon be on the right path to health and fitness.

                                                                Happy Training!!!  


Saturday, September 8, 2012

The Jukaado Spartans are here

We at Jukaado strive to achieve higher over all fitness levels by training. This training routine The Spartan Workout is introduced by me to the students for the 1st time today. I will be conducting regular classes on free hand as well as weighted Spartan Workout for all age groups men and women. It is an ideal form of workout for those who wish to constantly challenge their fitness levels. The results that one can expect from such a workout are phenomenal. If one seriously starts training in such workouts you will need to shop for new clothes for yourself very very soon. The workout can have a million combinations and altered to the requirements or fitness levels of the person or group. 

This was a very high intensity workout. Doing 1,500 repetitions is very intense. It would have been wrong to shoot the 1st set when all were fresh. That would make the workout look nice but would hide the level of exhaustion and intensity of the workout. This is the 4th set and it is visible that many are not doing it well due to exhaustion. Taking the video has let me Know the one's I have to work on to improve their fitness levels further.

 I prefer showing realistic training or progress in training. If you feel that this video is not up to the mark as many are not doing the workout well then I have only 1 thing to say - TRY THE SAME WORKOUT YOURSELF FIRST BEFORE CRITICIZING. 

This workout is very very challenging and you need to have a very high fitness level to do it properly once you have crossed 2 sets. However over a period of time all will build higher fitness levels, improve their endurance and stamina and slowly they will be able to perform better 1 set at a time finally reaching the target of completing 10 sets properly.

It is only by striving that one can succeed and I feel we should all applaud the effort put in by all the students in the video. The youngest being 5 years old and the oldest being 45 years.
Just being able to keep up and moving with the counts of each exercise is a real achievement.

                                                                        Happy Training!!!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Defending a Knife Attack - Reflex and Speed training

Being attacked by a knife or any sharp edged weapon is a very serious situation. The wounds could be fatal. I always recommend not to fight against a person armed with any weapon. If the weapon wielding person just intends to rob you and not harm you physically complying with the attacker is the safest and wisest thing to do. However if you are sure of the attackers intention to harm you physically then defending yourself is your only option. 

The above training video is a simple way to practice for improving your reflexes and speed to defend a knife attack. It does not matter with what or how you are attacked what matters is the frame of mind you are in when attacked. Always be calm and composed. Fear and panic tends to make you make more mistakes in defending yourself. Presence of mind is most important, try to use your environment or your surroundings to your advantage. This makes defending yourself easier. 

We do not recommend getting into fights and are against any form of violence. However God forbid if one is attacked by a knife wielding person and you do manage to neutralize the attacker it is your duty to report the matter to the Police so that legal action can be taken against such people and prevent them from attacking or injuring others in the future. 

The training in the video may seem easy but is very exhaustive specially since the attacker keeps charging at you. It is a very good workout but should be practised under supervision of a well trained instructor in Unarmed Combat Training.
                                                                                                                                  Happy Training!!

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Does Martial Art training make you aggressive?

It is overwhelming for me to get emails from people from various parts of the world inquiring when the next training video or article would be put up or just to discuss different aspects of training. I am always open to suggestions on new articles or videos to be made on different topics from fitness related to martial arts. 

Today's topic was suggested by our Japanese student Sanjuro. He is far away due to his work but his will power to train is something that I appreciate. 

Does martial arts training make you aggressive is one of the biggest myths surrounding martial arts. I hope to clear the air on this topic. To begin with let me say that - Martial artists are the most peace loving people you will ever come across.

Martial arts have originated from the training for war, self - protection or rebellion over many many decades and in some cases even centuries ago. The purpose was to have an army or people well trained in unarmed combat and yet be highly disciplined. It is these arts that have lead to the training manuals for the first modern armies of the world. The disciplined training and intensive physical workouts are something that is synonymous with martial arts. Most oriental martial arts have a strong connection with meditation and spirituality. Martial arts are supposed to develop the Body (physical strength), mind ( character) and spirit ( soul). Though martial artists were trained to be warriors to defend, protect or attack enemies the training methodology further imbibes into them characteristics like - 


and so on. It is these characteristics and believes that also helps martial artists to be spiritually inclined. 

Yes we do train to kick, punch, throw, lock or break an attacker but that does not mean we go about beating up everyone we meet. With the intensive training under a true instructor comes the realization of the growing power and the responsibility  that comes with it. As it  is rightly said - There are no bad students but only bad teachers who misguide them. If the students are taught to go about picking up fights then it is the person teaching such things that needs to be blamed. 

Having dedicated 27 years of my life to martial arts and having the privilege of training under wonderful instructors, I have never come across even 1 aggressive martial artist. In my opinion prolonged training in martial arts tends to make its practitioner very calm and at times very complacent too. A true martial artists can never be provoked in to a fight nor would he respond violently at the drop of a pin. It could also be a knowing of the end result that brings in this complacent and calm behavior for eg - a grown up would not be intrigued or find challenging a jig saw puzzle that is meant for a  4 year old child. 

Training in martial arts is one of the best stress busters compared to any other form of physical workout. So those training regularly are constantly getting rid of any frustrations or stress they may have. A relaxed, calm, patient, tolerant and content person is the last person to get in to a fight. In many oriental cultures martial artists have always been looked upon as ideal citizens, people they look upon as idols. 

A true martial artist is calm and peace loving however he or she will not stand and watch some wrong being done. A true martial artist would within seconds go from peaceful and calm to a mighty force to reckon with in order to stand against a wrong being done or out of self defense. Similarly it would take seconds to get back to the calm composure after the weak or self has been protected. 

I do agree there are a few martial artists with half baked knowledge or misguided knowledge that go about being aggressive or rude. Well there are exceptions to any rule and hence it is imperative to select a true martial artist as your teacher. 

In my personal experience I have seen a number of my students who are so calm that it tends to worry their parents as to how they will face the ever so aggressive world today. It is such an irony compared to the myth that exists. 

I myself am very patient, tolerating and calm. Sometimes I feel that people tend to take advantage of this peaceful attitude of mine. I tend to give a long leash for them to realize their wrong and make amends. However when I feel the water has gone over the head I do take a stand and part ways letting the person gently know of the wrong they have done or the reason for my actions.     

I would like to end by saying - 


                                           TRY MAKING PEACE WITHIN..........

Sunday, July 15, 2012

My Journey - 27 years and counting

I still remember my first class in Karate. I had worn a black track suit and had gone to Cricket Club Of India (C.C.I) to train. Years have gone by and all the moments have been blissful. 

Between 1970 - 1980 the martial art fever had hit India with movies of The Dragon (Bruce Lee), Jackie Chan and numerous other Chinese martial art movies being shown at theaters. The movies had influenced me too and I had started jumping, kicking and breaking lots of things at home at the age of 4. One Sunday I was going for dinner with my parents and we happened to meet Shihan Vispy Kapadia at the restaurant. He was known to my parents and in due conversation the idea of me joining his classes came up. The coming Wednesday I had started training in Goju - Ryu Karate. In those days the training was very hard. If 100 students joined a class there would be barely 25 left by the time the batch reached green belt. In those days the belt system was smaller so we had white I, white II, yellow then green. In just climbing 3 belts up most students would run away. After every class you would come home with the body strained and exhausted. I feel the general population also was tougher then. 

It is impossible to mention all the Sensei's (instructors) that have taught me and influenced me as a martial artist. However I value all of them and have the deepest respect and gratitude for all of them. There are many Sensei's with whom the only memories I have are in my head since I do not have a picture with them. 

I consider myself very blessed as have had the privilege of training with not only wonderful teachers from India but from all over the world and in numerous martial arts.
I may sound selfish but if I could go back in time I would love to spend more time with all my teachers and train more.

When I had started training the 6 monthly training camps would draw in over 400 plus students of all age groups. There were no luxuries, no pampering just serious training at them for 5-6days. However nowadays the students specially the younger ones are much softer than we were back then. The first thing I get asked by most parents and students today before signing up for a camp is - is there tv with cable, do the rooms have air conditioning, will they get time to play and rest, can they carry their ipod, mp3 player, cell phones and so on. In the days I had started training there was no guarantee of even getting a mattress to sleep on we use to carry sleeping bags with us.

Years passed I grew up but martial arts always remained at the epicenter of my existence. Any free time has always been used by me to train even today if I have more than an hour to spare then you will find me training, reading, researching or watching training videos to further improve myself.

In the beginning martial arts used to be free of politics and the only thing that mattered to all martial artists was to train harder every day. Over the year’s politics, back stabbing, speaking ill of other martial artists started seeping into the martial art community. This is what I am totally against and I have never been part of it nor hope to do so in the future.

At a point I just could not bare all these things which were spoiling martial arts and with a heavy heart I decided to leave and start on my own. My vision was to keep martial arts clean, simple, authentic, practical and keep the training very very hard like it use to be in the 80's. Initially many students ran away but slowly I started getting students who were just as crazy as me and only wanted to train. Martial arts have 3 basic aspects – the strikes (punches, kicks etc) , the grappling (throws) and the joint manipulations (locks and chokes). Keeping all these aspects in mind and to make training more self defense oriented I formed JUKAADO - An unarmed combat training form combining everything that makes sense and usable in a real life situation.
Today I have a nice lot of students of all age groups many who have been on the journey of martial arts with me for more than 8years. Some have had to move to other countries for studies or work or are unable to come to train due to work timings or academic pressure. Most of them are still in touch with me. I feel the bond that forms when 2 people train hard in martial arts, beat each other up and yet meet again to train, lasts forever.

At heart I am and always will be a martial artist and hope to train till the last day of my existence.
                                                                     Happy Training!!!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Sparring and it's importance

Any one can spar if they are fresh the true test lies in being able to spar when you are totally exhausted. In the above video the students were already winded by a strenuous training session and then they were made to spar. Such training builds spirit, willpower and improves endurance. It is not easy to give your best when the body just wishes to rest. 

This is BUSHI spirit!!!

Sparring is a very important aspect of training in any martial arts. Sparring should always be full contact, only then can a person be prepared for a realistic situation. I am against sport sparring as it reduces martial arts to a sport. Martial arts are the arts of war and since war was never a sport similarly martial arts can never be a sport too. 

What is sparring? 

Sparring or Kumite as it is called in Japanese is nothing but practice to fight. One needs to train regularly in it to be able to be good at it. Sparring uses or tests all the aspects of a martial artists training from his reflexes to his conditioning, from his focus to his endurance. It is the barometer on which one should mark their improvement. Sparring should always be full contact. That does not mean that you put new students in the ring and have them beat each other up causing both to get injured. The students should under go a descent level of training and conditioning to prepare him to be able to start sparring. Once in the ring it does not matter who you are against what matters is to give it your best shot for life gives us only 1 chance and one can not ask the attacker on the road for a re match.  Regular training prepares you for that. Every person has his own distinct style or way he or she fights. When you train in sparring with varied partners the more you improve as you learn to adapt to the different styles of all the different partners.

Women should come forward and train in martial arts. It will train, prepare and build their confidence to tackle an eve teaser or chain or purse snatcher on the street. Moreover since we train in conditioning every part of the body it makes the bones more dense, thicker and strong. This will help in keeping osteoporosis at bay. Martial arts is also considered to be one of the best ways to achieve higher fitness levels and hence can also help those who wish to loose weight or get toned.

Do not try to spar without proper training and supervision of a trained instructor. 

                                                                        Happy Training!!!

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Martial arts and the Knife - ( blocking of knife attacks safely)

Being attacked by a sharp edged weapon is a very serious situation and needs one to be very alert and focussed. The slightest wrong move could result in severe injury and in some cases even result in death. I always tell my students especially those who have trained with me for less than 2 -3 years that if attacked by a knife or any sharp edged weapon it is best to comply with the attacker. If he just wishes to rob you, trust me your life is more valuable than the cash you have on you. However if the situation comes to life and death then I guess everyone has the right to protect their life. 

One has to put in hours of regular training to be able to react and counter attack in a real life situation. The techniques or the body movements should flow like water. Defending against a sharp edged weapon requires your complete attention on the now, the body will only respond if the training has been set into the reflexes for you do not have time to think and then act. An attack takes only a few seconds so we must be able to anticipate the attack, block it and counter attack all within the few seconds the attacker takes to attack. This is why one needs to practise for years and years ever improving their proficiency and forever striving to reach the mirage called perfection.

Do not try these techniques without supervision of an instructor in Unarmed Combat Training.

                                                                        Happy Training!!

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Jukaado Camp May 2012 - Morning session on 3rd May

Any Martial Art irrespective of style or its country of origin has always been used for real combat situations. Having trained under numerous teachers, I have great respect and gratitude towards all of them for teaching me the true path of the warrior. Am not in favor of making martial arts into sports for it spoils the true essence of any martial arts. Only if one trains the hard way with full contact conditioning of body parts like feet, shin, thigh, stomach, ribs, neck, fingers, knuckles, wrist, forearms, elbows, shoulders, back, head can he truly be ready for a realistic attack on the street. I am against violence or any form of street fighting but if you are training in martial arts you should train the true way the authentic way it was meant to be. Today so many martial artists do not train in body conditioning. We train in full contact body conditioning making every part of the body like rock. I have come across so many black belts from various martial arts who have never trained in conditioning, they get shocked when you ask them if they have been punched in the stomach or kicked on the thigh etc for conditioning. Training without full contact is like fooling yourself by consuming  artificial sweeteners. Just like artificial sweeteners are very harmful similarly sport martial arts is not advisable. On the street there are no referees to give points or stop the fight, so if one does not train for a realistic situation there is a very good chance that one may not be able to defend oneself if attacked on the street.

Come train like a WARRIOR not like a SPORTSMAN. 
                                                                       Happy Training!!

Friday, May 25, 2012

Jukaado Camp May 2012 - Multiple Attack Simulation.

When attacked on the road there is no guarantee how you will be attacked, with what you will be attacked or by how many people. They could be trained or untrained street fighters so an attack on the street is something which one needs to be preparing and training well for.

We do not go out looking for fights as a matter of fact all our students and even myself are very calm and peaceful people however if someone attacks you violently we do have the right to defend ourselves and hand over the attacker to the Police who can take the necessary action to ensure such violent people are punished.

In the above video 1 student is encircled by 3 students who attack him with 6 bags so as to simulate a real attack. We use the bags so the students feel the impact of a realistic strike without the student being brutally injured with punches and strikes to the face. We train very hard but safety and well being of the students is always considered as our topmost priority.

The idea of this training is to simulate a multiple attack situation. The person in the middle who is being attacked should use his hands and try to punch or elbow the bags as well as try to move out of the ring he is encircled within and try to grapple or push away a person at a time while continuing to strike them. You can train with using the legs also to attack but here we are only using the hands. One of our black belts Shiv has done this training a bit better than others, his part in the video starts at about 3minutes of the video.

Do not try this training on your own. Only do so under the guidance of a trained and well experienced instructor.
                                                      Happy Training!!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Jukaado Camp May 2012 - Day Session 1st May

Training in Martial arts from a place that teaches how martial arts should be is the best thing for a person of any age group, especially for the kids as it develops their body and mind and over a period of years in training the spirit also is developed making a person a much better human being. It is a myth that training in martial arts makes one violent. It makes its practitioners calm and builds their confidence levels. Having dedicated 27 years in martial arts I have not come across even 1 true martial artist who is violent. We train hard and when we spar even best friends or brothers and sisters beat each other up like they are their best enemy but once the bout ends we are back to being best friends and siblings. Martial artists are very peaceful people. 

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Jukaado Camp May 2012 - Traditional power & strength training

The above training video is a combination of some of the traditional Okinawan equipment used to condition the body as well as improve one's power.
All the equipment in the video is made by me (except for the medicine ball and the black Makiwara ) as it is not possible to get them here in India.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Jukaado Camp May 2012 - Morning session on 2nd May.

The morning session started with a 5 - 6km jog for the seniors followed by a trek through hilly terrain back to camp. Continued jogging around camp with the smaller kids too. Then they did bunny jump up a fleet a stairs after that jogged to the next fleet of stairs and did duck walk up those stairs. After duck walk they came down another fleet of stairs doing push ups on each step. I think there were about 50 steps in the fleet of stairs on which they did push ups and came down. We continued with a trek up a hill, after reaching the top of the hill we trekked down the other side of the hill into the farms below for another 2km or so and then trekked back to camp from a different route.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Jukaado Camp May 2012 - Lock Endurance Training


Here a student lies down and 4 students lock both his arms and legs at the same time. The training is started slowly, over a period of time they can endure the locks for longer periods of time. This helps a student when he is sparring and his opponent applies a lock to his arm or leg. Since the students endurance to bare the lock has improved he gets more time to try and get out of the lock than just tapping out as soon as the lock is applied.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Jukaado Camp May 2012 - 5 hour long intense session

The training session was completed without any food, water or liquid intake for 5 hours.
The 5 hour session started with jogging with 1 tyre on each shoulder followed by obstacle rolling and jogging then they did push ups with a child sitting on their back. Then the kids did rolling and crawling while the seniors did some more jogging. After jogging again the  seniors did rolling and crawling with a tyre on their legs. Then they did sit ups followed by basics, push ups and combination of push ups and sit ups. Then they did kicking the tyre with the instep, stomach and thigh conditioning and when they were totally exhausted after so many hours of training under the hot sun they did kumite with each other. 

All trained very well.

Friday, April 13, 2012

What to do when you are 30 plus lost weight initially while working out but have now reached a plateau?

A person I know since many years and who regularly reads our posts and views our training videos has suggested that I write on this topic.  Fitness training is a subject where I could talk for hours together on any particular aspect and yet there will be so much left to discuss. I hope that I am able to do justice to this topic by writing a small article on it and the article is actually helpful. However If any clarifications or more detailed understanding on this topic is required do feel free to contact me personally.

 Fitness training is a science but often is misinterpreted and many times even wrongly represented. I would like to cover this particular subject by first talking of the ideal food habits, then moving to how one should workout and the possible reasons or ways you can get over the plateau in the weight loss or toning process that you may have reached.  

To get healthy and fit you do not need to diet or totally exhaust your body. I am totally against dieting in any form, it can only cause more harm to your body. What you should ideally do is not diet but slowly curb your wrong eating habits and maintain a well balanced nutritious diet. I have seen numerous people who have wrong notions of healthy eating and end up literally consuming tasteless boiled foods. If you do not feel good or enjoy what you eat your body will not benefit from it too. Eat food that you like, let food be tasty and enjoyable but make sure it is well balanced, healthy and nutritious. There are numerous health foods that you can eat besides the regular meals eg - amla, oats, horse gram, ragi, jowar, fruits, salad vegetables, aloevera, sprouts and the list can go on and on but trying to consume all of them may result in you only eating them and totally avoiding your normal diet. This is very wrong, I suggest you make a list of such health foods and pair them up. Now consume 1 pair of the health foods for say 1week or 15days as your snack and keep changing the pairs every week or 15days. This way you will consume all of them in rotation and yet maintain a well balanced normal diet. Many times people make excuses like - I am very busy to cook daily or Cooking is a big task or after a whole day of work I did rather order food than enter the kitchen. It does not take long to cook up a healthy meal, I personally train and have lots of classes through out the day but if you plan your meals in the mind it does not take me more than 10 - 15 minutes to cook up a healthy meal. I do not wish to sound biased due to my years of training in oriental martial arts but I personally feel oriental cuisine and their cooking methods are very good. Oriental cuisine is either stir fried (with very little oil as they use a wok), steamed or in the form of a nutritious soup. These cooking methods are very healthy they do not over cook the vegetables or meat. Overcooking or excessive boiling of any food causes it to lose its nutritive value. These cooking methods are the main reason oriental foods are very rich in natural flavors as you can taste the natural flavor of every vegetable mixed in the dish.
Coming to binging on certain foods. It is natural to have a liking for certain foods for eg - some have a sweet tooth. I do not suggest you completely deprive yourself of the foods you tend to overeat however I suggest you moderate it. In my opinion the best way to tackle this is to allow yourself to controlled binging. This means that you allow yourself to eat what you like either a little daily or eat it once a week and then control or curb the consumption till the next week. Over a period of time you can reduce the quantity of consumption as well as its frequency. Another aspect which you could monitor is the consumption of food in relation to your workout or lifestyle. This does not mean that if have not gone to the gym today you do not eat food. What it implies is that make sure your diet is adequate to your workout and lifestyle needs. I have seen many people who suddenly get bitten by the fitness bug, they train like a professional athlete as well as reduce their food intake. Yes they may get results but at the cost of ruining their health in the long run. I feel sad to say this but this is even followed by some fitness professionals or trainers themselves. You can make out such people by simple observations of their sickly pale looking face and skin or the hair  or the nails also give out signs of under nourishment. What is the use of looking lean and being unhealthy or under nourished.

Moving to the training aspect. To begin with I would like to mention that if you are 30 plus and have just started with fitness training GO SLOW. Do not strain yourself. Many trainers have this habit of starting people of with high cardio in my opinion that is wrong especially for people who are new to exercising. Start gradually and slowly over a period of time increase the intensity without straining the body. Lets face it if you do not train wisely when you are 30 plus you are at a higher risk of injuring your joints or muscle structure. Better be safe than sorry. If you train under an experienced person you could be totally unfit and the trainer can over a period of time safely take you from having difficulty to run 300 meters to running 10km. Plan your fitness goals a step at a time. Can you jump from the 1st  step directly to the 10th step? Well even if you can you will most likely slip and fall so just be patient and climb a step at a time. 

Now let us suppose you have started working out ( it can be any form of workout eg - weights, yoga, martial arts or any game) and it has been say a few months or even a year, you did loose weight initially but now you have just reached a plateau and can not see any change. Well this is common there is nothing to worry about. When you start working out your body suddenly starts exerting or burning more calories and the food intake remains the same as you did before you started working out ( if you do not follow some fad diet plan ). This is the reason when ever we start any workout in the first few months every thing seems fine as the weight loss takes place, inches reduce, people comment on the visible change. Then suddenly it slows down and comes to a stop. You get anxious sometimes you even train harder or further cut down your food intake but results seem like a mirage. Let us now look at how the process works or how you can beat the plateau phase. Once we start working out (without dieting) over a period of time the body sub consciously begins to consume more food to meet the energy levels of the workout. The best example here could be professional sportsmen have rigorous training and a very good diet to meet their needs but when they retire most of them do not cut down their food intake and that is a simple reason why professional sportsmen tend to get overweight or out of shape once they retire. Coming back to the topic I do not suggest reducing your food intake when you reach a plateau, however I suggest you get smarter than your body. Well it is simple  ask anyone who is prone to colds if they are consuming a brand of syrup after a few months that syrup does not work anymore for them they need to change the syrup. Why does this happen? Well simply because the body gets used to it , it builds a resistance to it and so you need to change it. Similarly the same workout over a long period of time makes the body get used to it, the body is comfortable with it even if you increase the intensity it does not trouble the body much. You need to ideally change your workout routine every few months to keep the pressure on the body to get results. Martial arts training is probably the only workout that the body can never get too comfortable with because the training possibilities and combinations are numerous so the body always stays challenged. In the last few years all have started talking about circuit training and endurance training or crossfit workouts. Well these are workouts inspired or taken from martial art training drills and regimen. These workouts are very good as the body is challenged with varied type of exercises and it can surely get rid of the plateau phase. However a word of caution since circuit training or endurance training or crossfit workouts are high intensity and many times even high on the cardio quotient it is very important that you have a very good experienced trainer. The trainer needs to moderate, alter and design a workout keeping your fitness level,  your endurance level, your age and numerous other aspects in mind. I am always ready to help and teach upcoming trainers but I avoid sharing my knowledge with trainers who just wish to take a few lessons from me and go about training others like they are experts in that field. This is very harmful to the people they train. Half baked knowledge is like a barber giving a blade to a monkey. I personally keep making new exercise combinations some look really crazy and funny but before I make anyone do them I try them out on my own self  for a week or two. This gives me an idea of the exercise and the possible wrong movements or aches that could occur. 
I suggest that vary your workout. If you have been going to the gym for quite some time now. Stop going daily may be just go to the gym once or twice a week and take up some other form of workout for the other days. Change is what will keep you challenged. Sometimes even a change in trainer is a change. Every person has his own way of seeing things, has his own likes and dislikes. So unless the trainer is very flexible and has well rounded knowledge the chances are no matter how much he may alter your workout it would be more inclined to an aspect of training he personally likes or believes to be best or is just comfortable with. There are so many options and variations available explore them under trained guidance. A simple ab workout can be altered and combined to form easily over 100 - 200 variations. It is such variations of workout that keep the body challenged and you interested in the workout. Some people say that to bring change they have started playing badminton or some other game. That is a good idea but a game challenges the body only when it is played competitively or when you play with someone who is better than you. When you play a game with someone who is equally matched or not as good as you in the game then your body does not feel challenged so you may get a good workout and get fitter but the results you are looking for may still elude you. Play with people who are better than you, they will make you really earn every point of the game. Do not push yourself beyond the threshold that your body can recover from. Many times the plateau phase continues to prolong because people over train or exhaust themselves beyond the point the body can recoup from within a day. Then they repeat the same thing the next day and the day after that and so on. This puts a lot of strain on the body as it never gets enough time to completely recover from the previous workout session and new pressure is added to the body. This is also a reason why some people are stuck in the plateau phase because the body is always running in negative. This is something that could cause lots of harm in the long run in the form of joint or muscle related injuries. Be realistic you wish to train to get fit, loose fat and look toned and lean so do not go about training like a professional athlete unless you have invested a lot of time to training and improving your fitness and endurance levels.  

I could go on and on but I think for a basic level understanding what has been written above should be enough to guide you to overcome your plateau phase. Exercise wisely, be realistic, embrace change in your workout and am sure the results will speak for themselves. If you would like a personalized workout plan or personal workout monitoring you can get in touch with me for that. 
                                              Happy Training!!!