Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Complete Guide to Feet Conditioning

Feet are very important to a martial artist specially when it comes to kumite or sparring. The point of impact of most kicking techniques is the different areas of the feet. Some of the areas of the leg that cause impact when a kick is executed are Knees, Shin Bone, Instep, Ball of the foot, Heel and knife edge of foot. So except for the the knee and the shin bone all the areas are parts of the foot. The more conditioned a foot is the better will the impact be when  kicked. 

 The above video shows some of the ways to go about conditioning the feet. As I have said many times before there are numerous ways that one can train or condition the body. We have showed some of the ways that we can use to condition the feet. Do train slowly and cautiously, there is no need to rush.