Saturday, November 26, 2011

Complete Guide to Finger Conditioning

Finger's play a very important role during sparring or self defense specially if the fight goes on to grappling. Well conditioned fingers enable a stronger grip and are even good to use as finger jabs. A well known Karate Master had conditioned his fingers to the extent that he could tear raw meat into strips by using just his finger's. 

The above video shows some of the methods that can be used to condition the finger's. There are numerous ways and numerous objects that can be used to condition any area however please do so only under supervision of a trained instructor. Start slowly and move to a harder form of conditioning gradually. Haste or being over zealous can lead to severe injury. So be patient and enjoy the fruits. 

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  1. good video sir truly appreciate it. i feel it is one of the best videos available on finger conditioning.