Sunday, October 30, 2011

Complete Guide to Forearm Conditioning

The forearm is a very important part of the body specially for a martial artist. During kumite or sparring it is the forearm that would most likely bare the impact of punches and kicks aimed at your torso or the head. Moreover a strong forearm with a well conditioned bone is a formidable weapon when struck with too. The video below is a guide on the different ways the forearm can be conditioned. There are numerous ways and means to go about it we have made the video showing some of the ways.

The conditioning of any bone is a slow and patient process being excited or over zealous can only result in severe injuries and at times even permanent damage. Always listen to your body, if the bone is in pain or has lots of swelling then give it rest for a few days and then go about with the conditioning. Diet and rest are equally important so never neglect them for more hours of training. If the body is not well rested it could lead to lots of complications. To condition the forearm we can use numerous things from empty glass bottles to wooden sticks, from iron poles to trees, the choices are numerous but it is always advisable to move up from a softer object to little harder one and so on.   

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