Thursday, September 15, 2011

Super Fit Iron Man at 45 years

 Often I get calls from people inquiring about training in Martial Arts and if they are above the age of 25years the usual question is - Can I train at this age?
I hope that our student Swamibabu can be a source of inspiration to all such people. About 8 years back most people in India believed that once you have touched 30 years of age walking is the best and only exercise to do. With growing awareness on health and fitness people of all age groups are training at gyms or going to play sports. However people are still a bit cautious when it comes to Martial Art training. Martial Arts can be learnt and trained in at any age there is no limit. However when you join it is best to inform the instructor about any ailments you have like diabetes, high or low blood pressure etc or if you have had any muscle or bone injury. 

The video below is a tribute to our dear student Swamibabu who at his age of 45 is much fitter and tougher than most people in the age group of 20 - 30 years.

I still remember the day I first met Swamibabu. I happened to be at a school on the day the school had their parent teacher meeting. He had come to inquire about how his daughter was learning Martial Arts. It is he who suggested that may be to encourage her more he will bring her to our class and train a little with her for a few days. They both did come to class but few months down the line his daughter stopped and Swamibabu somehow did not and has continued ever since. 

Many times Swamibabu has himself said that he has gained not only physically but even has changed his mindset. Common ailments or any other ailments have not touched him since years now. This is the beauty of Martial Arts it changes a person completely. He has a very heavy workload but he will always plan his work in such a way that he always comes to our 5 -8days intensive training camps every 6 months.
He is always open to discuss and learn new workout routines or diet plans. Diet is something he is very disciplined about in view of the intensive training he does daily a good diet is a must.

Swamibabu's training routine is as follows :-
  • Monday to Friday :-
  • 5am - 5:40am - jogging
  • 5:40am - 6:10am - basic techniques or kata or combination techniques or bag work along with 400 squats   
  •                              and 400 push ups.
  • 6:10am - 6:30am - body conditioning - hitting metal poles with forearm, wrist, palm, fingers, shin bone and 
  •                               punching Makiwara (hard punching post)

  • Sunday :- 
  • 6am onwards - usually goes to play football at RRC grounds or jogs around KBR park and some workout
  •                         after that.

  • Monday & Thursday :- 6pm - 8pm - he trains at our class.

  • Saturday                   :- 4pm - 8pm - Intense training along with seniors at our class.

It is always nice to train with him. He is not just a good student or classmate but is also always ready to help guide or advice all at Jukaado.

He has truly become a Martial Artist and lives by the code of a Samurai called as Bushido.

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