Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Muay Thai

Sawadee Khrab

I had recently gone to Bangkok and was eager to train in Muay Thai (Thai kick boxing) which is the national sport of Thailand. There are many Muay Thai gyms in Bangkok and it should not be difficult to find one to train at. Many American and European Tourists come to Thailand to train in Muay Thai. Most MMA fighters too train in Muay Thai. There is lots of passion for Muay Thai, as a matter of fact professional Muay Thai practitioners train for a minimum of 6hours a day 6 days a week. This is the level of dedication that is put in its training. There are many stadiums too where Muay Thai bouts are conducted regularly and a student needs his teachers blessings and permission only then can he enter the competitions. I personally was not satisfied by my brief training in Muay Thai. In view of that some of my senior students and myself are planning a trip soon to Bangkok to train for 6hours a day for a week at a well known gym there. Children start training and competing at stadiums as early as 8- 10 years of age. Even the training of the children is very intense. Like most oriental martial arts Muay Thai too is a way of life. Completely encircling the practitioner and changing him not only externally but also internally, a few years of training also changes the spiritual outlook of the practitioner. Having been training in martial arts for almost 3 decades now I was impressed by the intensity, discipline and passion with which they train in Muay Thai. A word of caution to people who intend to go there to train - there are many many gyms in Bangkok and quite a few of them are only interested in collecting money from foreigners in the name of training. A bit of inquiring around before selecting a gym to train at is ideal.

Khob Khun Khrab.

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