Saturday, June 11, 2011


The above video is a variation of conditioning our students came up with so that all of them can do conditioning together and for different areas of the body.

Conditioning is a very important aspect of martial arts. It is sad that many martial arts are moving towards point scoring in fights or sparring competitions also called as sports sparring. The sports sparring does not involve full contact kumite (sparring). As a result over the years organizations that have moved towards sports kumite have stopped or drastically reduced conditioning the body by kicking, punching or striking the various striking areas of the body. I was really shocked and upset when I met a black belt from an organization that follows sports kumite. That black belt told me that he is training from last 6years but he had never been punched or kicked any where on the body. He had never ever done any conditioning training in the 6 years that he had trained and reached to black belt. This is very very sad and upsetting. 
In  Jukaado we give lots of importance to various conditioning practices from kicking and punching each other to striking metal poles and trees with our forearms, shin bone, palm, fist and so on. We believe and train in full contact Kumite (sparring) for martial arts is not a sport. Most people train to learn martial arts to defend themselves, how will a person defend himself if he trains to fight only to get points for on the road there will not be a refree or any points to decide the winner.  

In my opinion training in martial arts without conditioning the body is like sitting for dinner with a plate but no food in it.


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