Saturday, May 28, 2011

JUKAADO CAMP MAY 2011 - Traditional Body Conditioning

The above video is about traditional body strengthening and conditioning training. The equipment used are all the traditional ways of training. The first equipment in the video is a solid iron rod of 15kgs which is rolled up and down the fore arm to strengthen the forearms. The second and third equipment are canvas bags filled with pebbles and small stones on which the practitioner slams the front and back of his palm to toughen the palm. The fourth equipment is a  bucket filled with iron ball bearings in which the practitioner strikes with his fingers like nukite or spear hand to strengthen and toughen the fingers. The fifth and sixth equipment are weights at the end of a medium sized stick they are used to strengthen and toughen the shoulder, latissimus dorci ( upper back), biceps, triceps, trapezius muscle and the deltoids. 

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