Wednesday, May 11, 2011

9 man Kumite during Jukaado Camp May 2011

The students really did fight well during the 9 man kumite specially when we have to consider the fact that they had a tiring midnight session which got over at 3am and they started the kumite  session in the morning at 6:30 am with barely enough sleep or time for the body to recoup.

The above video has Shiv fighting well specially since most of his opponents are not only many years older than him but some even double his height. Keep it up.

In the above video we have Hussain who also fought well. It is always nice to see all of them giving their best even though they had all injured their elbows with lots of crawling the previous day and only few hours sleep between the last midnight session.

The above video has Sravan. Unfortunately our battery was running low and we could not shoot the full 9 man kumite by him. One thing am sure all who attended camp will agree is that Sravan has a very strong will power and never gave up through all the 8 days at camp even though he has not been training regularly for quite some time now. Infact he kept pushing others also to train harder and not give up. 

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