Saturday, May 28, 2011

JUKAADO CAMP MAY 2011 - Traditional Body Conditioning

The above video is about traditional body strengthening and conditioning training. The equipment used are all the traditional ways of training. The first equipment in the video is a solid iron rod of 15kgs which is rolled up and down the fore arm to strengthen the forearms. The second and third equipment are canvas bags filled with pebbles and small stones on which the practitioner slams the front and back of his palm to toughen the palm. The fourth equipment is a  bucket filled with iron ball bearings in which the practitioner strikes with his fingers like nukite or spear hand to strengthen and toughen the fingers. The fifth and sixth equipment are weights at the end of a medium sized stick they are used to strengthen and toughen the shoulder, latissimus dorci ( upper back), biceps, triceps, trapezius muscle and the deltoids. 

Sunday, May 15, 2011

JUKAADO CAMP MAY 2011 - Multiple or Speed throwing

Speed throwing is a very good workout. It is a high intensity cardiovascular routine. Moreover since all the people that are standing around the mats are not of the same height, weight or body type it improves the reflexes and adaptation skills of the person throwing them as he or she has to constantly keep throwing people of varying height and weight. There is not much of time gap between each throw so the person throwing has to be alert and have fast reflexes. Over a period of time it will also improve the skill in throwing techniques too. Please do not try this on your own always practice under a qualified instructor. 

Saturday, May 14, 2011

JUKAADO CAMP MAY 2011 - Combination Training

The above video and the one below are of a training session where students practiced combination techniques. Combining striking techniques of a kick or punch along with throwing and locking techniques.


Wednesday, May 11, 2011

9 man Kumite during Jukaado Camp May 2011

The students really did fight well during the 9 man kumite specially when we have to consider the fact that they had a tiring midnight session which got over at 3am and they started the kumite  session in the morning at 6:30 am with barely enough sleep or time for the body to recoup.

The above video has Shiv fighting well specially since most of his opponents are not only many years older than him but some even double his height. Keep it up.

In the above video we have Hussain who also fought well. It is always nice to see all of them giving their best even though they had all injured their elbows with lots of crawling the previous day and only few hours sleep between the last midnight session.

The above video has Sravan. Unfortunately our battery was running low and we could not shoot the full 9 man kumite by him. One thing am sure all who attended camp will agree is that Sravan has a very strong will power and never gave up through all the 8 days at camp even though he has not been training regularly for quite some time now. Infact he kept pushing others also to train harder and not give up. 

Monday, May 9, 2011

Jukaado Camp May 2011 - Obstacle course and tile breaking

The above video is about our younger students Ritvik (13 years) and Shiv (14 years) who were breaking some roof tiles after the training session was over.

The above video is of a simple obstacle the students had to cross during one of their jogging sessions.

The above video and the one below show the obstacle course which all our students did exceptionally well.


Sunday, May 8, 2011

JUKAADO CAMP MAY 2011 - Stomach & Thigh Conditioning

The camp was awesome and it would have not been so awesome without the students who were ever ready to train may it be 5am or 1am. All of them gave much more than their 100%. The above video is taken during a session for stomach conditioning while the second video is taken during a session for thigh conditioning. Most of the students developed bumps, swellings and clots on their bodies but during training they all gave their best in true Bushi spirit.

Pictures of JUKAADO CAMP MAY 2011