Saturday, March 5, 2011

Shin Bone Conditioning

Conditioning of the body is very important and is practiced in most martial arts that have not moved towards sport. Martial Arts which still have full contact kumite's or fights still do practice body conditioning to strengthen every part of the body.

Every part of the body can be strengthened using different traditional training aids. Today we will be seeing how the shin bone is conditioned using bamboo sticks. Take some bamboo sticks of equal length and bundle them together then make your training partner hold one end while you kick the bundle of sticks with your shin bone. We can also use a banana tree instead of bundle of bamboo sticks. Repeated kicking with the shin bone will strengthen the shin bone. With lots of such training it is possible to break your opponents bone by just kicking with the shin. However please do not do this unless you are supervised by a trained martial arts instructor. Practice makes perfect but wrong practice only breaks. Please do train under an instructor always.

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