Saturday, March 12, 2011

Jukaado Kumite - Practical training to simulate Realistic Attack

JUKAADO is a Mutli Martial Art with the base combination consisting of Judo, Karate and Aikido. However we also adapt and absorb the good techniques from numerous martial arts like Muay Thai, Kung fu, Kempo and so on.

Being a multi martial art our training is very practically based and is very useful for civilians in self - defense as well as defense and security personal in Unarmed Combat. When a fight breaks out in the street the outcome or the way the fight will proceed cannot be controlled as there are no refrees like in a ring and no rules too. One has to be prepared for anything, sometimes even being hurled at with objects like stones, helmets, chairs and so on. In my personal experience as a security consultant I have experienced these quite a few times. It is only practical training that can prepare you for such attacks. The secret to good self defense is an alert mind and the ability to be prepared for anything that comes your way. Repetitive training is the only way one can achieve this ability.

The above video is a Jukaado kumite where the fight may start with kicks and punches but as it often happens in a street fight it may end up on the ground. This is where knowledge of jukaado is practically based we train in striking techniques as well as grappling and locking techniques so no matter where the fight goes we are prepared to defend our self and restrain the attacker from harming us and other innocent bystanders. In the video it is visible how from a standing brawl suddenly they end up on the ground and finally the fight is ended with an arm lock. While training we tap out if any joint is locked so as to eliminate the chance of any injuries during training.

In the above video the Kumite or fight is different because of the approach of the fighters. No two people think alike and so similarly no two people fight alike too. Many times a street fight may never result in lots of kicking and punching but gets into grappling that is pushing, pulling and so on. The above video is a classic example of this. Barely do they start fighting they get close and throw each other to the ground and try to get control of the other by either restricting movement or by locking the arm. The fight ends with one of them Locking the arm of the other.

The secret to any perfection or excellence is practice and doing the same thing again and again and again.    

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