Saturday, March 19, 2011

Jukaado Bull Fight

Jukaado bull fight is specially designed to stimulate a multiple attacker situation on the road where anything from kicking, punching, pulling, pushing, throwing, locking etc can be used. It aims at improving your reflexes and ability to judge the movements of your attacker before he even attacks you. This also helps in building your endurance and spirit to not give up.

There are no rules except that you cannot bite or scratch. The 3 attackers charge the defender together and have to restrict his or her complete movement. while the defender has to keep moving around and avoid getting caught and put down. Even though it looks simple it is very very tiring even a bout of just a minute requires lots of stamina.

Do not practice or try this without proper instruction, if your body is not conditioned then it can lead to severe injuries and bruises. Only qualified and authentic instruction is required to train like this.  

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