Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Self -defense against a grab from the back

Today we are going to see one  technique that we can use to defend ourselves from a grab from the back.

Suppose you are walking down the street and someone grabs you from the back with his right hand. Turn towards your attacker from your left side and strike the attackers right arm with your left shuto ( knife edge strike) and hold his arm. Then with your right hand punch him in the solar plexus and let your hand move to his right shoulder. Pull his shoulder in a downward action and strike with your knee either to his nose or to the solar plexus. 

For any attack there are numerous techniques, we just show one of the possible ways to defend yourself from such an attack. For better understanding the techniques are shot at a slow pace. It is with repeatedly practicing the techniques that a person will be ready to face a real attack on the street at a much faster pace. 

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