Saturday, September 11, 2010

Why is Martial Science called - A WAY OF LIFE.

The oldest form of science known to man is Martial Science. Even before man started staying in big groups or communities or even had a language he had started developing and evolving Martial Science. The knowledge of Martial Science was very vital for man’s survival as he depended on it for protecting himself as well as to hunt food. It is the training in martial science that is and has been responsible for the kind of civilization that came up in a certain area and in some cases even developed various branches of medicine for eg – the medicine forms of acupressure and acupuncture owe their birth to martial science. China has always faced numerous battles and wars throughout history. In those days soldiers would end up having hand to hand fights this resulted in striking at various parts or points on the body, many a times on being struck at a certain point an old ailment of the soldier would get healed. These records of all such points gave birth to the system of acupressure and acupuncture. Similarly many developments and evolution of civilizations have actually revolved around martial science for eg – The martial sciences of China, Okinawa and Japan have had great emphasis on a code of life and discipline this emphasis on the code is very evident even today among the people of these countries. They come across as a very disciplined culture. Similarly Egypt which was called as the gift of the Nile flourished and prospered only as the knowledge of martial science enabled the traders to safely cross the barren desert to trade with other countries.  
Martial Science is often associated as – “A WAY OF LIFE”. There are basically three concentric circles that form our life’s – 1) Our physical self – The Body, 2) Our thought process – The Mind & 3) Our spiritual growth & maturity – The Spirit. Lets look at all these three in brief with context to how martial science develops them.
The Body –
With centuries of evolution and refinement martial science is not just a training form to protect oneself but is one of the most advanced systems to increase longetivity of life, trigger self – healing in our body there by negating the advent of ailments, strengthening joints and muscle structure in such a manner that injuries are virtually nil. Thereby making our body as fit as our creator itself built it to be. I can personally vouch for this as in the 24years of my training I have never succumbed to any muscle or joint injuries and can count a maximum of 5 – 6 times in the last 24years that have got even a common cold, flu or any ailments.
The Mind –
Martial Science is often misunderstood to be responsible for making a person aggressive or violent. However this is very wrong. Martial Science is a very disciplined and focused science.  Only disciplined soldiers or generals can form a disciplined army. Training in martial science works on, builds and develops our mind and character just as it makes our body fit. The training requires concentration and discipline. Giving the format or process of training just a few years makes a practitioner manifolds more tolerant, patient, calm, alert, with lightening reflexes, sharp memory, very high concentration spans and totally stress free as compared to any person not studying this science.
The Spirit –
The training in this science takes one beyond the physical where the practitioner is constantly in a meditative state even with the eyes open and the body in motion performing various daily activities. This is also often called as a state of Zen or also of No Mind. A king, general and soldier all needed to be of good character and conscience for this they would be made to live by a code of conduct not only in the battlefield but in all the aspects of their life. Over time and generations this code of conduct became a way of life itself for the people of that country. They were taught meditation – the language of the soul. After one has dedicated a number of years to studying martial science the training moves towards the development of our KI or CHI or Spirit. Uniting us with the universal energy.
This is why martial science is called – A WAY OF LIFE. I am always amazed at the indept understanding of the founders to have designed a complete way of life which enhances and promotes growth of body, mind and soul. This is something that completely transforms a human being. I personally believe in and follow the code of a Samurai which is called BUSHIDO. The code consists of 7principles by which a samurai lives his entire lifetime. The principles are :-
1)      Rectitude
2)      Respect
3)      Benevolence
4)      Loyalty
5)      Honesty
6)      Honor
7)    Courage
 I am sure if we all live by these 7principles in all aspects of our life our world will be a much better place for all of us to live in.

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