Thursday, September 16, 2010

Self - defense against a grab from the side.

Today we will show how or what one should do to defend oneself if someone comes and grabs you from the side or tries to pull you from the side. I would once again like to mention to only try these techniques under supervision of a well trained instructor and always use caution while practicing as our aim is to train and not cause injury to our partners.
Suppose the attacker comes and holds our left hand with his right hand. Hold the right hand of the attacker with your right hand and twist your left hand out of the grip of the attacker. Then strike with the Bango (hammer fist) or Shuto ( knife edge of the palm) straight into the ribs of the attacker. As you strike the ribs push the sole of your left leg into the right knee of the attacker. The kicking of the knee will injure the attacker and make him loose balance and he will fall down. The strike to the ribs will incapacitate the attacker and prevent him from trying any other attack.
It is a simple technique but practice it slowly and with care.  

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