Friday, September 24, 2010


With every passing day people are getting more fitness or health conscious but unfortunately most do not get guidance or get misled in doing wrong workout routines and scary diet plans. Most start working out but are not patient to wait for time to get the results. It may have taken 1year to put on 15kgs but we want to loose it in just a month, this is where we go wrong. Yes it is possible to loose 15kgs in a month but not without immediate or slowly surfacing damage or injury to our body.With there being a gym or studio at every corner there is increased competition, in the zeal to get more clients often even some trainers get carried away and make their clients train excessively or put them on starvation diets to get the results (which is very very harmful).

The secret to exercise is to compare our body as a balance weighing scale. Our exercise regime and our rest or recoup period should be balanced. If we exercise and do not give the body the adequate time it needs to recoup we are over - straining our body, similarly if we rest a lot or give very very long breaks between our workouts then we will not get the results. So it is essential to strike the right balance. 
Whenever we exercise wrongly or excessively without adequate rest our body goes into shock our nervous system gets overloaded with messages from numerous muscle groups of our body which are strained this in return makes our complete body work over time to rebuild the wear and tear. If before the body has recouped completely we keep straining it again and again and again we end up causing an immediate injury and many times a slow surfacing ailment or injury (say in the next 2 -6 years) also takes birth. Just like Rome was not built in a day it is foolish and hazardous to attempt to chisel our body the way we desire it to be in absurdly short time spans. 

If after a whole nights sleep you still feel the strain or pulling sensation or even tiredness and fatigue then this is the best sign of over exertion. While climbing the steps at times do you feel that your knees are buckling or does your calf, thigh, biceps or abs go into spasm at times even though you are not using that muscle at that particular moment. These are some common symptoms among many people who workout. We do not pay attention to it and just consider it to be nothing but this very same symptom if neglected and not given time to recoup will come back one day to haunt us in the form of Joint related or muscle related ailments and injuries. Another myth which often gives rise to people over exhausting themselves is - The more hard I train the faster and better the results. Well this is wrong as only if the body is well rested, not stressed and completely recouped from the last workout will it benefit from the next workout. So going to the gym in the morning, swimming and playing a sport in the evening with the hope that in a week the family pack will get replaced by a 6pack is like walking on a tight rope without any safety gear across two mountain peaks.    

In the many years of my experience in martial arts and fitness routines I have personally seen the benefits and results multiplied manifolds when a balance is struck. Infact with appropriate and authentic martial arts training I have seen students getting rid of asthama, those with regular shoulder dislocation have ceased getting them, higher and better immunity levels, students with high or low blood pressure, diabetes or cholesterol have seen changes which they could never even dream of,  even people with hormonal imbalances have had their hormone levels balanced and so many more. 

So what matters is not how much you train but how wisely and appropriately you train.    

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