Friday, September 24, 2010


With every passing day people are getting more fitness or health conscious but unfortunately most do not get guidance or get misled in doing wrong workout routines and scary diet plans. Most start working out but are not patient to wait for time to get the results. It may have taken 1year to put on 15kgs but we want to loose it in just a month, this is where we go wrong. Yes it is possible to loose 15kgs in a month but not without immediate or slowly surfacing damage or injury to our body.With there being a gym or studio at every corner there is increased competition, in the zeal to get more clients often even some trainers get carried away and make their clients train excessively or put them on starvation diets to get the results (which is very very harmful).

The secret to exercise is to compare our body as a balance weighing scale. Our exercise regime and our rest or recoup period should be balanced. If we exercise and do not give the body the adequate time it needs to recoup we are over - straining our body, similarly if we rest a lot or give very very long breaks between our workouts then we will not get the results. So it is essential to strike the right balance. 
Whenever we exercise wrongly or excessively without adequate rest our body goes into shock our nervous system gets overloaded with messages from numerous muscle groups of our body which are strained this in return makes our complete body work over time to rebuild the wear and tear. If before the body has recouped completely we keep straining it again and again and again we end up causing an immediate injury and many times a slow surfacing ailment or injury (say in the next 2 -6 years) also takes birth. Just like Rome was not built in a day it is foolish and hazardous to attempt to chisel our body the way we desire it to be in absurdly short time spans. 

If after a whole nights sleep you still feel the strain or pulling sensation or even tiredness and fatigue then this is the best sign of over exertion. While climbing the steps at times do you feel that your knees are buckling or does your calf, thigh, biceps or abs go into spasm at times even though you are not using that muscle at that particular moment. These are some common symptoms among many people who workout. We do not pay attention to it and just consider it to be nothing but this very same symptom if neglected and not given time to recoup will come back one day to haunt us in the form of Joint related or muscle related ailments and injuries. Another myth which often gives rise to people over exhausting themselves is - The more hard I train the faster and better the results. Well this is wrong as only if the body is well rested, not stressed and completely recouped from the last workout will it benefit from the next workout. So going to the gym in the morning, swimming and playing a sport in the evening with the hope that in a week the family pack will get replaced by a 6pack is like walking on a tight rope without any safety gear across two mountain peaks.    

In the many years of my experience in martial arts and fitness routines I have personally seen the benefits and results multiplied manifolds when a balance is struck. Infact with appropriate and authentic martial arts training I have seen students getting rid of asthama, those with regular shoulder dislocation have ceased getting them, higher and better immunity levels, students with high or low blood pressure, diabetes or cholesterol have seen changes which they could never even dream of,  even people with hormonal imbalances have had their hormone levels balanced and so many more. 

So what matters is not how much you train but how wisely and appropriately you train.    

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Self - defense against a grab from the side.

Today we will show how or what one should do to defend oneself if someone comes and grabs you from the side or tries to pull you from the side. I would once again like to mention to only try these techniques under supervision of a well trained instructor and always use caution while practicing as our aim is to train and not cause injury to our partners.
Suppose the attacker comes and holds our left hand with his right hand. Hold the right hand of the attacker with your right hand and twist your left hand out of the grip of the attacker. Then strike with the Bango (hammer fist) or Shuto ( knife edge of the palm) straight into the ribs of the attacker. As you strike the ribs push the sole of your left leg into the right knee of the attacker. The kicking of the knee will injure the attacker and make him loose balance and he will fall down. The strike to the ribs will incapacitate the attacker and prevent him from trying any other attack.
It is a simple technique but practice it slowly and with care.  

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Why is Martial Science called - A WAY OF LIFE.

The oldest form of science known to man is Martial Science. Even before man started staying in big groups or communities or even had a language he had started developing and evolving Martial Science. The knowledge of Martial Science was very vital for man’s survival as he depended on it for protecting himself as well as to hunt food. It is the training in martial science that is and has been responsible for the kind of civilization that came up in a certain area and in some cases even developed various branches of medicine for eg – the medicine forms of acupressure and acupuncture owe their birth to martial science. China has always faced numerous battles and wars throughout history. In those days soldiers would end up having hand to hand fights this resulted in striking at various parts or points on the body, many a times on being struck at a certain point an old ailment of the soldier would get healed. These records of all such points gave birth to the system of acupressure and acupuncture. Similarly many developments and evolution of civilizations have actually revolved around martial science for eg – The martial sciences of China, Okinawa and Japan have had great emphasis on a code of life and discipline this emphasis on the code is very evident even today among the people of these countries. They come across as a very disciplined culture. Similarly Egypt which was called as the gift of the Nile flourished and prospered only as the knowledge of martial science enabled the traders to safely cross the barren desert to trade with other countries.  
Martial Science is often associated as – “A WAY OF LIFE”. There are basically three concentric circles that form our life’s – 1) Our physical self – The Body, 2) Our thought process – The Mind & 3) Our spiritual growth & maturity – The Spirit. Lets look at all these three in brief with context to how martial science develops them.
The Body –
With centuries of evolution and refinement martial science is not just a training form to protect oneself but is one of the most advanced systems to increase longetivity of life, trigger self – healing in our body there by negating the advent of ailments, strengthening joints and muscle structure in such a manner that injuries are virtually nil. Thereby making our body as fit as our creator itself built it to be. I can personally vouch for this as in the 24years of my training I have never succumbed to any muscle or joint injuries and can count a maximum of 5 – 6 times in the last 24years that have got even a common cold, flu or any ailments.
The Mind –
Martial Science is often misunderstood to be responsible for making a person aggressive or violent. However this is very wrong. Martial Science is a very disciplined and focused science.  Only disciplined soldiers or generals can form a disciplined army. Training in martial science works on, builds and develops our mind and character just as it makes our body fit. The training requires concentration and discipline. Giving the format or process of training just a few years makes a practitioner manifolds more tolerant, patient, calm, alert, with lightening reflexes, sharp memory, very high concentration spans and totally stress free as compared to any person not studying this science.
The Spirit –
The training in this science takes one beyond the physical where the practitioner is constantly in a meditative state even with the eyes open and the body in motion performing various daily activities. This is also often called as a state of Zen or also of No Mind. A king, general and soldier all needed to be of good character and conscience for this they would be made to live by a code of conduct not only in the battlefield but in all the aspects of their life. Over time and generations this code of conduct became a way of life itself for the people of that country. They were taught meditation – the language of the soul. After one has dedicated a number of years to studying martial science the training moves towards the development of our KI or CHI or Spirit. Uniting us with the universal energy.
This is why martial science is called – A WAY OF LIFE. I am always amazed at the indept understanding of the founders to have designed a complete way of life which enhances and promotes growth of body, mind and soul. This is something that completely transforms a human being. I personally believe in and follow the code of a Samurai which is called BUSHIDO. The code consists of 7principles by which a samurai lives his entire lifetime. The principles are :-
1)      Rectitude
2)      Respect
3)      Benevolence
4)      Loyalty
5)      Honesty
6)      Honor
7)    Courage
 I am sure if we all live by these 7principles in all aspects of our life our world will be a much better place for all of us to live in.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Self defense against a PUSH

In India Teacher's Day is celebrated on 5th September every year. I would like to pay my deepest respects and regards to all the Teacher's that I have come across in my life. I am truly blessed to have had so many exceptionally wonderful teacher's in just one lifetime. The person I am today is because of the nurturing and moulding by my teacher's. I believe that every person we meet or interact with in life has something important to teach us, so ideally all those around us in our life's are our teacher's.

Coming to the technique that we have today. Whenever a brawl or fight breaks up on the street the chances are very high that it will begin with some pushing or grappling. Today we will see how or what should be done if we are being pushed. There are many ways of defending an attack we are showing just one of the ways here.

The attacker pushes you and is coming to push you again with his right hand. Step back with your right leg and as the attackers palm comes towards you block his palm between both your palms turning into the attacker. As you have his palm trapped between your palms turn your left hand in such a way that you have the attackers elbow locked by  placing your left hand, then you can strike the back of the head of the attacker with a back fist strike. Here you would have the attackers wrist as well as elbow locked and plus you can strike his head or spine with your left hand. The technique is simple but perfection come only with practice so keep practicing it again and again.