Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Self - defense against a slashing knife attack

We will be looking at the self - defense technique against a slashing knife attack. The most important thing to remember when one is being attacked by any weapon especially sharp edged weapons like a knife is to take appropriate distance from the attacker and block and hold the hand wielding the weapon till the attacker has been disarmed.

Say you are walking down a street and the attacker suddenly pushes you and removes a knife with which he tries to slash you. As you get pushed take a few  more steps back to get sufficient distance as well as time to react to the slashing action of the knife. The attacker will surely come towards you slashing the knife. As he slashes with the knife say from his right hand, push the knife wielding hand with your right hand and then grab the hand at the wrist with your left hand. As you get hold of the hand with the knife strike with your right palm straight to the shoulder of the arm holding the knife, this will loosen the grip on the weapon. then slide the hand inward striking the neck with your shuto or knife edge of the palm. Further let your right hand go around the neck of the attacker and bend his head down. As his head is being brought down the right knee can be raised up which would strike straight at the face specifically the nose of the attacker.
This will disarm and immobilize the attacker. After completion of the technique kick the knife far from the attackers reach to prevent any further chance of attack and inform the police authorities. As everyone may not be trained in self defense and handing over such people to the police is the only way to ensure a safer city to live in for all.  


  1. Watching the video gave me the knowledge on how to depend myself from an attacker with weapons like a knife. I will share this video to my friends because it is really helpful.

  2. Thank you. Do let us know if there is any particular self defense technique you would like to see.