Friday, August 27, 2010

Self - defense against a punch

Today we will look at how should one go about defending oneself if punched on the road. Before we go ahead in explaining the technique shown in the video I would like to mention that there are many many ways to defend oneself from any particular attack and there are numerous counter attacks too. To be adept with self - defense one needs to train regularly under a proper Sensei. Lets go about seeing one of the ways to defend oneself from a punch.

Say the attacker punches with his right hand. Take a step back with your right leg and block the punch with your left hand pushing it towards your right hand. As the attackers hand is being pushed by your left hand swing your right hand towards the elbow of the attackers punching hand. Take your right palm to the back of the attacker while you bend his hand with your left hand and move your body till you reach almost behind your attacker. Once you have reached behind your attacker and have his arm bent on his back you can apply pressure on his wrist with your left hand as well as by pressing down on the shoulder with your right hand and lifting the right elbow you will even lock the attackers elbow causing him excruciating pain.This would be enough to defend oneself if attacked on the street. However please do not try it at home or on the street without proper training. Moreover go slow while applying techniques during practice as we do not want to injure our partners or ourselves. Do write in with your suggestions or comments or any specific technique you would like us to put up on our site.

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